Little Aromas | Halloween Haul 2021

Halloween-themed wax melts in a gift bag

My last Little Aromas post was in August, and I think I've placed three orders since then. The first was on discounted stock – I asked Sarah to create a mystery bag to the value of £30 and she did not disappoint. It’s currently under my bed while I melt the products in this post. Then I placed an order for Halloween – and while I didn't order as much as last year, there were fewer products, so I tried to get everything... Well, not every scent of snap bar. My most recent order was for the clearance sale, which I believe is still running. If you’d like to know what I ordered then, I'll be sharing on my social channels separately.

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This year, Little Aromas released coffin-shaped snap bars which said Trick or Treat? on them, as well as a Pick ‘n’ Mix bag of seven shapes in different scents – lucky customers were given a bag of eight, so all the treat and no tricks! As you can see, I ordered three snap bars in:

  • Drunken Pumpkin
  • Cauldron
  • Apple Bonbon

Halloween shaped wax melts, in pumpkins and ghouls
As well as a Pick ‘n’ Mix bag – the best kind of surprise there is. In terms of the scents, because I received eight shapes, it worked out a wax melt in each of the limited-edition Halloween fragrances which were:

  • Cauldron
  • Apple Bonbon
  • Spellbound
  • Walnut Witch
  • Candy Corn
  • Drunken Pumpkin
  • Toffee Apple
  • Sweet Candy

Cauldron and Candy Corn were both scents from last year, and the former was one of my favourites. Described as liquorice with hints of toffee and vanilla, it’s a very warming scent, perfect for autumn time. It's really hard to describe what it reminds me of. I would describe it as mysterious, but it’s really lovely – you get the sweet notes, but it’s not overwhelming.

My favourites this year are Cauldron (again, obv) Apple Bonbon (apple mixed with citrus, a heart of red fruits and finished with a sugary, caramel accord) and Walnut Witch (crunchy walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Italian biscuit, and dried cherry).

The same but different

The Toffee Apple reminded me of Frosted Candy Apple (juicy red apples, a heart of more apples, peach and smooth caramel, resting on a base of sweet, musky vanilla), one of my first ever favourites and a fragrance that isn’t strictly limited to autumn/Halloween time. Similarly Drunken Pumpkin wasn't too dissimilar from last year’s Pumpkin Marshmallow Cream (a delicious fragrance of eggnog, pumpkin, and creamy-spiced custard).

As always, Sarah pulled it out the bag with the super-cute and totally on-theme packaging. The Pick ‘n’ Mix bag was perfect for gifting... technically I gifted it to myself! And the snap bars had lovely Halloween stickers which said “Hey Boo, I was handmade just for you”. The order came in Halloween paper gift bag, which again was emblazoned with “Boo” and a cartoon graphic of a skeleton.

The Halloween range is still available online. Coffin snap bars are £2.50 each and the Pick ‘n’ Mix bag is £8. If you’ve been treated to an eight-shape bag, it works out at £1 per shape – an absolute bargain if you ask me. As I mentioned in the intro, there is a clearance sale, so if you fancy a real bargain, go and check it out – there's plenty of scents and shapes available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Don't forget new customers can also get a discount with code NEWBIE10 – and that even includes the clearance items too. So, what are you waiting for?

Happy Halloween!

Love, Lucy xx

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