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The inside of a chocolate eclair and sticky toffee eclair on a red plate

First things first: this is not an ad. Quick backstory – I won a competition on Instagram, where one of my favourite foodie finds, Newfoodsuk teamed up with The Delicious Dessert Company for the sweetest giveaway. Not only did I not know what I’d won, I certainly wasn’t prepared for how much, either. I’m not obliged to post this, but I just had to – because the cakes were unreal!

I was genuinely in shock when the delivery driver brought two massive boxes to my door and nothing could have prepared me for 20 boxes of cake – that’s right, 20! Everyone knows I have sweet tooth and I’d have to say that cake is my biggest weakness after sweets, so it’s fair to say, it was the highlight of my week.

The Delicious Dessert Company make Yum Yums, Eclairs and Long Johns in a variety of flavours – all loaded with yumminess, with creamy fillings and decadent toppings. You can find their range in supermarkets including Sainsburys, Asda, Tesco and Morrisons and while I’d not seen them before when doing the weekly shop, I’ll certainly be keeping an eye out in future!

What are Long Johns?

Yes, I didn’t realise they had an official name, either. I think I’d always called them finger doughnuts. Long Johns are a filled American long doughnut. These ones were filled with crème patissiere and sauce and were even loaded with more sauce on top for a truly indulgent treat. I used to love an apple & custard Long John back in the day… do they even exist anymore?!

I was lucky enough to receive two varieties of Long John and three different Eclairs and I was in a sugar coma all weekend – well worth it! I have to say, I also had some help eating them – Alfie was first in line, as well as my mum, school mum friends, Alfie’s teachers and my MIL I did get to try every flavour as I wanted to post, so here’s a quick round-up of my thoughts.

Two different varieties of Long John, an American finger doughnut


  • Triple chocolate: filled with chocolate mousse and cream, topped with chocolate fondant and creamy white chocolate drizzle. You can’t beat a classic for simplicity and I love a chocolate éclair. I have to say, for those that don’t have a sweet tooth, this was a safe option as although it was chocolatey, it wasn’t as indulgent as the other flavours.
  • Strawberries & cream: filled with strawberry crème patissiere and cream, topped with strawberry fondant and white chocolate drizzle. Strawberry was rightly the dominant flavour here and while I found these the sweetest option, they were my favourite (I think). The strawberry crème pat was so silky and fruity.
  • Sticky toffee: filled with sticky toffee crème patissiere and toffee sauce, topped with toffee fondant, chocolate drizzle and butterscotch pieces. This was the most decadent – a rich, sticky toffee sauce, so reminiscent of that classic pud. The crunchy butterscotch pieces added texture and were the real gamechanger here… so dreamy!

Long Johns

  • Millionaires: filled with caramel sauce, topped with chocolate crème patissiere, finished with caramel drizzle and cocoa powder. Chocolate and toffee is always a great combination and the sauce just oozed out, keeping the doughnut moist.
  • Sticky toffee: filled with toffee sauce, topped with toffee crème patissiere, finished with toffee sauce and sweet dusting. If you like toffee, this is the treat for you – it’s like toffee overload! The sauce was rich and almost buttery, and out of the two Long Johns, this one was my fave.

In all, I have to say, I preferred the Eclairs. The choux pastry was just so light and even after they’d been in the fridge for a day or two, it retained its texture and didn’t dry out. The fillings were a lot smoother too.

Wait… there’s more?

Yes, for a limited time only, The Delicious Dessert Company have unveiled The King of Eclairs. These are double-filled with chocolate mousse and caramel sauce, topped with chocolate fondant and edible glitter. They’re currently all over Instagram and they look insane. I’ll be sure to try and get my hands on a box! Although I’d love to try the Yum Yums next.

Which treat will you try first?

Love, Lucy xx

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