Easter Sunday lunch at The Hoop, Stock

Boy coming out of a white wooden wendy house

Two fun facts:

  1. The last time we were in Stock, we were getting married; and
  2. The last time I ate at The Hoop, Alfie wasn't born.

Yes, they were both really that long ago!

My brother organised a Sunday lunch, booking a table at The Hoop and while we ate indoors, we checked out the beer garden afterwards, where Alfie enjoyed hula hooping playing in the Wendy-house pub, and of course, he found a football.

We actually had a really nice table, with plenty of room and we started the afternoon with a round of drinks while looking at the menu. The sun was shining so I thought, why not have a Hugo Spritz… it was either that or a gin! It was so refreshing with the delicate flavour of elderflower – a great aperitif, even if it went down too easily – before we moved on to wine with dinner.

Three big scallops, served in their shells with a savoury brioche roll

As we had Gail’s hot cross buns and my POM Brownies Scotch eggs back at mum’s we were all in agreement that we would forgo dessert this time in favour of starters, and that was a very good move. Most of us opted for the scallops which came in their shells… so juicy and plump. There were three of them, gratin-style with a garlic and herb butter and served with what I think was a savoury brioche (I can't remember now and can't find the menu online anywhere). The brioche was ideal for mopping the butter up!

We requested that Alfie’s meal came with our starters so that he wasn't left waiting – and also as he'd probably only just finish by the time we ate our mains! He ordered from the children’s menu – choosing a plain burger and fries.

Skate wing topped with brown shrimp and samphire, with a side of skinny fries

And talking of main courses, while most were opting for roast dinners and the leg of lamb (I mean, it was Easter Sunday after all!), I went for the grilled whole wing of skate with brown shrimp, caper and parsley butter, and samphire – served with a large side of skinny fries.

I wouldn't normally choose a fish with bones in (or that many small bones for that matter), but I just fancied it – and I do love brown shrimps. I have to say, I got really lucky with my cutting of the fish, and I managed to avoid all but one small bone. The butter wasn't too rich and I'm a big fan of samphire – and this wasn't too salty. It was all so delicious and while part of me wishes I joined the roast gang, my main wasn't too heavy. It meant I had more room for the sweet treats later on, too!

The food was good, the service was fine, and a great time was had by all – especially Alfie once he was allowed to leave the table and be let loose in the garden. We’ll definitely have to ensure we don't leave it six years again until our next meal at The Hoop.

Hoop Fest is coming up soon – on May 28th and you can find out more details on the website. Plus, as of tomorrow, The Hoop Pizza Night is back! From 5:30-8pm, you can order for eating in and take away – and I’ve clocked my favourite, the capricciosa is on there! So don’t miss out, and of course, like and follow the Facebook page to keep up to date with events at The Hoop.

Love, Lucy xx

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