More bottomless pizza at Amore Pizzeria

Big slice of meaty pizza, topped with sausage, pepperoni and ham on a Portuguese-style mosaic plate

It wasn’t that long ago that I blogged about Amore Pizzeria in Leighton Buzzard, but when I found out that the weekday deal of bottomless pizza, gelato and cake for £10 per person was ending, I had to book in – and fast! Thankfully, I had until the end of March to book and any slots for April and May were being honoured – so I booked two meals out. The three of us went on the Tuesday after the Easter weekend, and I also took my mum the Thursday before – as she has read my last blog post and was well up for it. That’s right, we had pizza twice in five days!

There were two two-hour sittings, at 5pm and 7pm. We went for the later sitting the first time, which was a lot busier (in fact, I think it was a sell-out). It meant that the pizzas were constantly flying out, and I think three of each were being made to cater to all the tables. Across both visits, we basically worked our way through the menu and even tried some new pizzas we hadn’t had before – or wouldn’t ordinarily order!

We started both evenings with some gorgeous cheesy garlic bread. It was so tasty – made better as it was fresh from the pizza oven… I reckon I could have eaten a whole one! I loved where the edges had caught, and it was light, crisp and not overly doughy.

Four thin slices of margherita and pepperoni pizza on a Portuguese-style Mosaic plate

I’ll combine both visits in this post, just to whittle through all the pizzas we had, but on both occasions, the menus weren’t out, so it was a complete surprise as to which pizzas we would be sampling and what toppings they’d have. Over both visits, I had slices of:

  • Margherita (I’m not usually a fan of margherita as it’s too plain for me, but Amore’s is delicious, and the fresh basil makes it)
  • Pepperoni picante
  • Ham and cheese (the ham is SO good)
  • Hawaiian
  • Garlic mushroom and truffle oil (honestly, the best)
  • The Oliver (black olives, red onion, and fresh basil)
  • Salsiccia & red onion
  • Vegetariana (mixed peppers, black olives, and artichokes)
  • Amore meats (pepperoni, sausage, and ham)

As you can see, we worked our way through so many different pizzas. I think it was virtually the whole menu (except for Four Seasons, which is one of my favourites). Over the course of both visits, including the garlic bread, I think I managed eat 17 slices – an average of 8.5 each visit, which isn’t bad… I’d say it’s virtually a whole pizza (which I wouldn’t usually manage).

Strawberry and vanilla gelato in a Portuguese-style mosaic bowl

But oh my gosh, the gelato! It’s SO good. The first time, I had strawberry and mango – a scoop of each – and I wanted more. The second time, I had strawberry and vanilla. The strawberry has to be my favourite. Everything about it is great: the texture, the authentic flavour, the pieces of strawberry. The vanilla is the real deal though – you can see all the vanilla pod in it, and it actually tastes of vanilla, rather than the synthetic stuff you often get served up! I need to try the pistachio though… it’s not been available on any of our previous visits.

Of course, I was nowhere near the record for the most slices of pizza eaten – which now stands at a whopping 30 slices (I know – you what!?). I think we’d have been lucky to eat that much between us! But if you think you’ve got what it takes, then visit and book in. The deal runs seven days a week now and costs £10 per person for unlimited pizza (only).

Check out the social channels (Facebook and Instagram) for the latest news and deals… I actually saw that yesterday there was a bumper deal on, priced at £15 for unlimited pizzas, gelato, cake, AND soft drinks – the steal of the century, for sure! We’ll have to hope it runs again to snap it up!

Massive thank you to Paulo and the team for another great evening of delicious pizzas and fantastic service. I’ve said it before, but we’ll be back!

Love, Lucy xx

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