Easter Treats from Cakes-A-Daisy

Four Easter treats from Cakes-A-Daisy in pink tissue paper

I told you there’d be a flurry of posts and actually there’s a bit of a theme here. Cakes-A-Daisy is another account I’ve followed on Instagram for what feels like forever, but up until this year, I’ve just loved them from afar. The shop was based in the West Midlands, and I’d never been lucky enough to get a postable delivered…

…until Mother’s Day! I treated myself to a box (because if you can’t treat yourself on Mother’s Day, when can you?) and I can’t believe I didn’t blog about it, because the treats were insane. So much so, I had to get my hands on the Easter range. There were three boxes to choose from, and it’s just typical that the one I chose was the last to sell out, so I only managed to get one box – rather than the two I had my eye on.

I also really wanted box 1: the cookie bar box, but I guess my bank balance and waistline are thanking me right now. However, I ordered box 3: the mixed edition, which contained four different treats:

  • Millionaires shortbread
  • Caramel Egg fudgkie
  • Mini Eggs sprinkle brownie
  • Malteser traybake

Slice of caramel egg fudgkie - a hybrid treat of fudge and cookie dough

First things first, I know what you’re thinking – what’s a fudgkie? I honestly had no idea either, but it’s a special Cakes-A-Daisy creation! Combining cookie dough and fudge for something so sweet but a real taste sensation – you know when you never realised that you needed something until you tried it? Well, it’s that!

The fudgkie was unreal and I’ll say straight away that it was my favourite of all the bakes in this box. A really thick layer of sweet fudge, with halves of Caramel Egg in it, a layer of chocolate and then a slither of cookie dough at the bottom. The wedge was a really generous portion and I had to cut it into three, as even I couldn’t manage it all in one sitting.

Everything else, I cut into four to share with Alfie. It meant we had Easter treats all week – and also that I could try multiple bakes at once (for blogging purposes, of course) – but who’s complaining?

The brownie was the perfect texture, that lovely crisp exterior and super fudgy in the centre. It was definitely chocolatey and rich, without being sickly. For me, the perfect brownie – I much prefer a rich, gooey chocolate ganache style bake, rather than a cakey brownie. Topped with crushed Mini Eggs and hundreds and thousands sprinkles – part of me wishes I’d heated it up and had it with Mackie’s ice cream, ‘cos oh-em-gee, it would have been heaven! A little mouthful was just ideal, although I definitely could’ve eaten it all.

Three pieces of chocolate tray bake on a red Le Cruset plate

Check out the height on that millionaires shortbread! Such a thick biscuit layer, which was so buttery and crumbly – followed by layers of decadent caramel and chocolate, Of course, for that Easter touch, it was topped with a white Maltesers bunny. And finally, the traybake was delicious too. The malted flavour outweighed the chocolate here, which I loved. Again, I could’ve easily demolished this without sharing.

Sadly, the Cakes-A-Daisy store is permanently closed, but if you are local to Cheslyn Hay or the surrounding areas, Cakes-A-Daisy are a stockist for many local stores, which you can find here. You might also catch them at an event or pop-up – or perhaps like me, when there are postables available on the website. Who knows when the next one will be now, but I definitely can’t wait!

Love, Lucy xx

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