My First Mother’s Day

Growing up, I honestly couldn’t tell you how we spent Mother’s Day. I’m sure there would have been cards and presents and I think my dad may have cooked a few lunches – but that’s it. With that in mind, I had no idea how I’d spend my first Mother’s Day, or what to expect from the day – especially as Alfie is so little and obviously doesn’t understand. But I had a really lovely day so wanted to share it.

I may not have got a lie in, in the morning, but Ashley got Alfie up, fed and dressed (he usually does on a Sunday, which is nice as I get to stay in bed until 8 – yep, a luxury!) – and they came in our room with my card and present. I received some really gorgeous flowers the day before, which are still going strong and will appear on my Instagram tomorrow as I’m so happy with them – but I also got a pair of pink leggings for our HIIT sessions (I would say the gym, but who am I kidding?!). My card, as you can see, was hilarious but also so apt, especially as we’re now on solids (why did no one warn me?!) – and the creative little man even did some colouring (I’ve taught him well!).

Ashley made a cooked breakfast and while it wasn’t breakfast in bed – yano, toast crumbs and bean juice ain’t a good combo – it was still lovely and good for me to actually eat something have a proper breakfast.
And then it was straight in the car and back to Essex! I really wasn’t expecting to spend Mother’s Day with my own mum. I think we have been together for the last 27 but I knew my brother was back for the weekend and they had plans – and obviously I didn’t know what Ashley had planned for us. I was so pleased we got to see her and I got to share my first Mother’s Day with her, too. My brother cooked lunch for us all: roast chicken with roast potatoes; roasted carrots, parsnips and beetroot; purple sprouting broccoli and lashings of gravy. There was even a crumble and custard for dessert (the supermarket had to take the credit for that one but it was still lush – everything tastes better when you’ve not had to slave over a cooker). Mealtimes with Alfie are fun, as he loves to be at the table too and as there’s no highchair at my mum’s, he went from lap to lap... eventually I finished my lunch! He’s also teething again so was a bit grizzly... poor munchkin.

I’d got my presents from Alfie and I sent directly to mum’s, but we swapped cards. I bought mum the Fleur de France Luxury Hamper from Marks & Spencer, as well as some gorgeous flowers.

*Warning: drama imminent*

I also bought a beautiful Mother’s Day exclusive: the Campanula Windowsill Planter – also M&S – but unfortunately they sent something completely different and a lot cheaper: a Gift Wrapped Iris Bowl (now conveniently out of stock, so I wonder how many people unknowingly received this item instead of ‘pre-ordered exclusive’ flowers). I won’t lie, mum’s sent me updates of the iris and it looks lovely, but it’s not what I ordered and I just loved the basket the other flowers came in! Don’t worry, we have both complained.
Ashley plays football on a Sunday, so we had to get back for that, but Alfie went to bed on time and with minimal fuss so I got a relaxing evening! And then on the Monday, the relaxation continued as Ashley cooked lunch for us – roast beef this time! Because I cook every day, I really appreciate having my meals cooked for me and it was a total luxury not having to cook for two days running! And he washed up too – bonus!

Whether you’re a mother, have a mother, no longer have a mother, or are a mother-to-be, I hope you had a lovely day. It’s nice to be appreciated and thanked for the hard work we put in, but being a mumma is the best job/feeling in the world!

Love, Lucy xx

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