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In my early days of blogging, I ran a series called Lucy Loves… and it was kind of how my blog was named. I’d write about things I loved, namely small, local or independent businesses and basically big them up after buying their products. Some went on to great things, while others are no longer in existence. Well I’m resurrecting that series tonight, as during these very strange circumstances, I’ve come across some absolute gems locally. I begin by sharing these amazing sweet treats from The Game Changer Kitchen.

Alessandra (a weight loss coach and nutrition advisor, and as you’ll see a baking queen) and Jake (a personal trainer, nutritionist and detox specialist) are the brains behind the business. All their services are listed on their website, but in addition to a gym and independent café (which are both sadly closed at the moment), they deliver freshly made macro meals. But if like me, it’s not weight-loss you’re after and you have a sweet tooth, well there are an abundance of sweet treats which you can order and either collect or have delivered.

I think I started following their account on Instagram, either as a guided suggestion or as a recommendation from another MK-based follower. But over the Easter weekend, they ran a competition to win a blondie traybake, and well… I won! I had it delivered and shared it with a couple of friends, as well as the boys and basically, I was hooked! I’ve since ordered a box of treats weekly and as long as Alessandra keeps sharing them on social or I receive email updates, I’ll sure as hell keep buying them! It’s a good job I eat healthy balanced meals, or else I’d be the size of a whale and probably need to use the rest of the services The Game Changer Kitchen provide!

Tonight, I’m talking about the brownie selection box. These were previously like gold dust and two boxes were advertised on our estate community page on Facebook, with a limited number of each available. Both times I was too slow and unsuccessful in sampling them – although Esther did bring round a couple of pieces for us to try. I guess it was third time lucky, and I got my hands on a box of five for £12.

There were two varieties of brownie and three of blondie. Prior to winning the competition, I’d never had blondie before. The best way of describing it is a white chocolate brownie, but rather than that gooey, fudgy texture, it’s cakey. Anyway, I cut the ends off each flavour for Alfie to taste and then cut each in half to share with Ash. Except, he doesn’t like peanut butter, so I got to have the whole Reese’s peanut butter brownie – result! I also have to add, I ate both bits of brownie in one sitting, and the following day, ate all three blondies… It’s fair to say I had a sugar headache afterwards!
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The brownies were so rich and fudgy, the ideal flavour and texture. The Lotus Biscoff brownie was unreal. I preferred it to the blondie I previously sampled. I found it less sweet and without trying a lot of the range, I can already say it’s one of my favourites. The Biscoff drizzle makes it.

The Reese’s brownie was divine too – so rich and peanutty. Eating it took me back to my baking days and I instantly remember these amazing peanut butter brownies I made years ago for my birthday to give to my workies. I remember receiving so many compliments – someone said they were the best brownies they'd ever had! Chocolate and peanut butter is always a winning combo in my eyes, so I’d knew these would be lush.
The Game Changer Kitchen, Milton Keynes, Blondie,
Now onto the blondies – like I say, these were cakier and not so squidgy – but that doesn’t mean they were any less delicious! It’s difficult to pinpoint a favourite, but I think I’d have to go for the white chocolate Twix, because it had the bar within the mixture so every now and then, you’d get a crunch. Plus, that caramel drizzle was dreamy! I’d never had Golden Oreos before, but that blondie was delicious too – and not as sweet as I was expecting. And you can’t go wrong with Milkybar… that one was Alfie’s favourite. He asked me for more, but it was too late for that! I just loved them all and couldn’t help but demolish the lot.

You can purchase a Mystery Box for this weekend – five pieces of brownie and blondie for £10. But if it’s traybakes you’re after, the brownie and blondie are available for £15 – you can find all the flavours in the dropdown menu. Game Changer hack, you can even request half and half options… thank me later! I’ve been meaning to try the Kinder brownie for ages but can’t help but keep buying these selection boxes! They make ideal gifts, especially at this time – if you’re missing a birthday or anniversary or simply just miss a friend or loved one. Similarly, for the same reasons, you can order afternoon tea. It's worth noting they only deliver to Leighton Buzzard and Milton Keynes.

I’ll be reviewing the treat box next week. It arrived on Saturday and I’ve been limiting myself to a treat a day – I’ve just got the two cupcakes to eat now. Oh, and my mystery brownie box will be arriving this Saturday too – I may even review that on here!

Whether you’re needing to get into shape, or want to treat yo’self, check out The Game Changer Kitchen.

Love, Lucy xx

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