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Sunday 22 September 2019

As a child, I loved Legoland, but I don’t think I’d been for a good 20 years! We decided to take Alfie for his birthday and using up some of our Tesco Clubcard vouchers meant we saved money on entrance. Alfie was free, being under three-years-old so that was also a bonus – but it did mean he was unable to go on most of the rides!

Unfortunately, after the beautiful weather on the Saturday, which was his party, the heavens opened on Sunday. We traipsed around in the pouring rain – and to put it into perspective, at lunchtime, I was able to literally wring my hair out! We left the umbrella in the car and I was in a light, not-waterproof jacket.
Legoland, Windsor, LegoReef,
To shelter from the early rain, we went inside the LegoReef. There were benches and tables to sit and build Lego models, but the main attraction was the large interactive screen, which was an aquarium. There were plenty of stations for you to build your own fish (or other type of sea creature) using Lego bricks, before adding it to the reef. You would then see your creature appear and there were even ‘feed me’ buttons, so you could feed the fish. Alfie loved building his fish, but loved running up and down, pressing all the ‘feed me’ buttons more. It was hard to prise him away!
Legoland, Windsor, Miniland, London,
Miniland was next on the agenda and it was still as good as I had remembered all those years ago. Home to nine areas, we saw almost all of them. The model cities and attention to detail are just incredible. I think I read that over 40 million bricks were used, but my favourite fact was that the London pigeons were made up of the smallest number of bricks (only five!). We explored London, Scotland, Wales and the USA. We then moved on to more of Europe: Holland, Belgium, France and Italy; before more exotic locations (Asia and Australia) called us. Alfie was really good, staying behind all the fences. He really liked seeing the moving vehicles, shouting “boat” and “train” amongst other things, and also got really excited by all the animals. Had it not been raining, we’d have undoubtedly spent longer looking around.

As we walked through Duplo Valley, we noticed that a lot of the rides weren’t opening until 2020 and with a massive splash park, we will have to come back when the weather is better! We weren’t actually able to find any suitable rides and so, decided on stopping for lunch. Later on, we approached the area from a different entrance and were more successful... more on that later!

We had lunch at the Knights Table, which specialised in chicken wraps and burgers. We all had meal deals: chicken goujons and chips with a juice for Alfie; while Ash and I had refillable soft drinks, he had a barbecue chicken burger with chips and I had a peri peri chicken wrap with chips. It was expensive – something like £27 for the three of us, but I’d imagine the prices at all the other eateries were the same. There’s plenty of choice in terms of food though, so you definitely won’t go hungry.
Legoland, Windsor, Fairytale,
After drying out, we returned to Duplo Valley, having walked through numerous other areas of the park. I took Alfie on the Duplo Train, which went around the track three times and by the end of it, I think I was dizzier than the kids! Fairytale Brook was magical and en route to the entrance of the boat ride, there were odes to fairytales with games and quizzes, meaning in long queues, children wouldn’t get bored. The doughnut boat was mild and we sailed past various Lego models from stories including Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, Hansel & Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella, to name but a few. The big kid in me was unleashed and I think I enjoyed it more than Alfie.

We then queued to go on the Atlantis Submarine Voyage – a submarine ride in a giant aquarium. There were Lego models of marine life, as well as real creatures and the ride was interactive. We shared our sub with another family and it was like we were two separate teams: red and blue. I think this was the highlight of Alfie’s day. We had to get off quickly at the end, because the subs were constantly moving and he didn’t want to get off, while constantly saying “more”, but there was no way we were queuing up again!
Legoland, Windsor, Crocodile, Lego Model,
Equally as long in terms of queuing was the Legoland Express Train, but it was definitely worth it. The ‘conductor’ was the only member of staff to be dressed up, which sort of detracted from the experience but the ride itself was great. We saw numerous areas of the park, with Alfie waving as we passed groups of people. Our final ride was another train, this time the Hill Train. It was a one-way ride that travelled between two points of the hill. Luckily, we alighted at the bottom and it definitely saved our legs. Once at the top, we visited a couple of shops. Alfie spent some of his birthday money on some Duplo sets and even Ash bought himself a 3-in-1 Lego model to build. I’ve only really mentioned the rides we went on, but we explored most of the areas of the park. We’ve decided that we’d take Alfie back when he’s a bit bigger and able to do more, as well as appreciate it. I remember the Gold Rush and Driving School being among my favourite things as a child! We will have to stay in one of the hotels and make a couple of days of it, to fully enjoy all the resort has to offer.

Love, Lucy xx

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