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Tea bride cups, ready for party games

Okay, so the title of this post is totally misleading because I'm not revealing all. I was umming and ahhing about this post, but because everything is documented on here, I thought “why not?”. I'm literally sharing the activities and lovely businesses we encountered on my head. So, if you were looking for juice or ready to grab the popcorn, I'm sorry.

We went to Liverpool, a city I don't think I'd properly been to before – or at the very least remembered, although we used to visit our friends near Chester from time to time. I had heard good things and it was a lovely city with so much to do and see – and the people (for the most part – taxi driver, I’m looking at you!) were super friendly. Two nights simply wasn't enough to explore. I'd definitely go back to visit the docks, it was such a nice scene that way, and the countless shopping opportunities need to be taken advantage of.

We stayed in an apartment and there were eight of us, which I think was a great number. Any less and it probably wouldn't have been as fun. Any more and you lose that personal touch as far as the activities go. So, what did we get up to?

Relaxation with a mobile spa

On the first evening we had a mobile spa booked in. The lady came to our apartment and set up in one of the bedrooms. There was a choice of two treatments which had to be pre booked: a facial or a massage. I was booked in for a facial, although I also received a hand massage – being the bride. It was so relaxing; I literally didn't want to get up after my treatment.

Everyone that had facials looked so fresh and revitalised afterwards – and our skin was glowing. Those that has massages commented on how relaxed they felt afterwards – and definitely ready for another lie down. Our therapist was so lovely, friendly, and professional – I wish I remembered her name or business now, but I lost her card, which had been in the pocket of my jeans. While the treatments began at 5pm, I think and each were half an hour, they went on through the evening before pizza, games and drinks took precedence.

You may have also seen on my Instagram grid the lovely robes I got ordered. These came from a small business called Jolly Penguin and they have plenty of other gifts and keepsakes for weddings – and all manner of occasions – on their site. I decided obviously on a white robe for myself and then got my mum and my bridesmaid matching pink robes, all designed with a floral pattern and our initials, as well as being personalised with our names and the date of the big day. We will, of course, wear these on the morning of the wedding while getting ready. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some better photos then!

Beatles Penny Lane framed print on hotel wall

90s kids rediscover Spice Fever

The next day we had a dance class booked with the lovely Melanie. She offers plenty of lessons ranging from pole and burlesque to dance routines inspired by Beyoncé and the Spice Girls. And she's also an artist, a fitness instructor and PT. Melanie got us swinging it, shaking it, moving it, making it… That's right, we learned a routine to the Spice Girl song: ‘Who do you think you are?’. Strangely, I still remember some of the moves.

We also learned a routine to ‘Spice up your life’, which was very much flamenco-inspired and got us shaking our hips. Thankfully there were a couple of bottles of fizz on hand for Dutch courage – as the dance class was held at a hotel on the docks, and we basically had a conference room, which had been converted into a studio for us.

Melanie was a fantastic teacher and very patient with us. She even coordinated a couple of dance offs which I can safely say I lost – hands down.

The most perfect homemade pornstar martini

Continuing to shake it… Cocktail making

And then in the evening we had a cocktail making class hosted by the lovely Thiago. We were supposed to make two cocktails, but we actually made three – beginning with my favourite, the pornstar martini. Before we got learning shaking, the fizz was flowing as we toasted our glasses! When it came down to making the pornstars, being the bride, not only did I get to drink my creation (which was pretty perfect, tbf) I also got to drink the cocktail our wonderful bartender made – as well as having all the shots of prosecco.

Cocktail two was an espresso martini and we played a game to see who the fastest team would be – relay style. We were showed how to make it and then it was down to each team (we had two teams of four) to see who could be the fastest. We won and the fastest member of my squad got to have an additional drink. Thankfully it wasn't me on this occasion.

The third drink we made was a classic Mojito, again playing a game. This time we were paired up and the person at the back had to have their eyes shut, while the person at the front had to guide them to make the drink. Easier said than done! We also had a round of shots before being shown to our table where the night really commenced.

Fun was definitely had by all. I'm so lucky to have a great group of friends. Brides’babes, you were a dream. Liverpool, I'll be back.

Love, Lucy xx

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