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I’ve been meaning to share this post for ages, but my content calendar has been pretty hectic. But believe me, it’s a good thing, as not only have I since ordered my second treat box from Ruth, she’s had a rebrand and got a brand-spanking-new website!

I first tried Ruth’s cake and tiffin around two-and-a-half years ago when I was on maternity leave and before I got my current job. I took Alfie to a baby/toddler group run by Ruth called ChaCharChimps and halfway through the ‘show’, there would be a tea break for the mums, which would involve a sweet treat. Not only did Ruth make two varieties of sponge cake and tiffin, but she also makes sponge cake for the kids too. Her tiffin is legendary, and I think most mums on the estate know about it. Prior to buying the treat box, I had only tried the original chocolate tiffin and the Christmas special (made with white chocolate and cranberries), but I think I’ve tried every variety of cake going (apart from chocolate orange, obv). I genuinely couldn’t pick a favourite, but gin & tonic, mint chocolate and coffee are all in the top three. Since I returned to work, my mum takes Alfie Chimping and I’ve got her hooked on the sweet treats too!

But during these times of no mass gatherings and socialising, Ruth has kept us going. Not only posting song videos to her Facebook group for the kids – like a mini Chimps – as well as a bake-along live, but by serving us tiffin treats too. For those that have followed my blog intently over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen that I’ve been supporting local businesses and most of them involve food – lockdown belly is so real, let me tell you! But I have always had a sweet tooth and simply cannot resist – I keep telling myself it’s for review/social purposes.

Back to the Tiffin+ treat box. These are being sold at £12 for eight pieces, which is reasonable, but these are huge pieces too! You can find the treat boxes on the website, as well as individual boxes of single flavours, sharing platters and simple sponge cakes. I’m sure Ruth would happily take requests if your favourite chocolate bar isn’t included. Anyway, the flavours I had in my first box were:

  • Original chocolate tiffin (2 piece) 
  • Loaded Crunchie tiffin (2 piece) 
  • White chocolate Biscoff tiffin (2 piece) 
  • White chocolate blondie rocky road (2 piece)

I’m gonna have to go straight in with my favourite, and that was the Biscoff tiffin with white chocolate cranberries. This girl loves a Lotus biscuit and this tiffin was so delicious – not only with a Biscoff base, but a sprinkled biscuit crumb top too. Best thing – the crumb top was still crunchy and even after a few days in the fridge, it didn’t go soggy or soft. The white chocolate/cranberry combo is delicious, and I actually think I prefer the white chocolate tiffin because of this.

OMG, the white chocolate rocky road was divine too! If like me, you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love it. I was expecting it to be quite sickly, what with the white chocolate and marshmallows, plus chocolate drops on the top, but it really wasn’t, and I just loved the texture of it… the crunch of the biscuit with the squidgy marshmallows. It was so moreish, I promised myself I’d savour each square, but in reality, it was gone in a couple of mouthfuls.

The traditional/original chocolate tiffin is always good, and I cut my most recent slab into three pieces to share with Alfie as a treat. But topping the tiffin with smashed up Crunchie bar absolutely elevated it to the next level. Crunchie is one of my favourite chocolate bars so it was always going to be a winner with me. Out of the four treats, I actually found that one the sweetest.  My most recent order contained a Snickers loaded tiffin – with chopped up Snickers bar top – and that was amazing too. I think I preferred that to the Crunchie one, but I love a Snickers bar too… who am I kidding, I just love all chocolate. I keep thinking how good a Double Decker version would be! Or Double Decker with Biscoff!

At the moment, Ruth is offering contactless collection, or delivery in MK. I’m not sure on the exact radius, and I collected both of my boxes – but there’s bound to be more information on the website. She’s hoping to offer a wider delivery service soon too. In the meantime, you can also find Tiffin+ on Facebook and Instagram.

As always, thank you Ruth for such amazing treats. I cannot wait for my next box.

Love, Lucy xx

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