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Girl wearing a jumpsuit outside a house

Girl wearing a jumpsuit outside a house

My last outfit post was when we were unable to go out, and instead, we had a night in. Now that restrictions are finally easing and we could out for food, rather than getting a takeaway, we had a wonderful evening out with friends. There were six of us – three couples – and as it was a Thursday, mum was on hand to have Alfie. Even better, while I had work the next day, it was only a short walk to the home office! We went to the Betsey Wynne, in Swanbourne. I’ll hopefully be posting about it soon.

In that last OOTN, I shared my Sosandar dress, and tonight it’s another piece from there, that I bought at the same time.

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Yes, I’ve bought a jumpsuit! Now I don’t wear them often, in fact this is the second jumpsuit I’ve ever bought. They really aren’t made for tall girls with big boobs. Playsuits are fine, but there’s just something not right about the sizing for jumpsuits.

I originally bought this one in two sizes and both were super tight – the first wouldn’t go on, and the second wouldn’t do up and I was panicking I’d need to be cut out of it. So, I have really sized up here. But it fits fine. It’s easier to get on, than take off. But are you even wearing a jumpsuit if you’re not scrambling around a toilet cubicle in a pub or restaurant?

The length is perfect – again, often a problem with being tall. And I love the denim tie around the waist. I can categorically say I have no hips or bum – the jumpsuit hides that completely. It honestly couldn’t have fitted better.

I teamed it up with my matching Kurt Geiger clutch bag and sling backs. A real summery look. I also dug out an old costume necklace for a bit of colour. This one I’ve had for years, and I worked out, it was from The Gifting Lounge – I blogged about it in 2015!

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I have to admit that since we’ve been able to frequent pubs and restaurants, we have been out twice – with different sets of friends – but I have worn the same jumpsuit. I just love it. It’s ideal for those summer nights when it gets a bit cooler, I’m thinking a BBQ or evening drinks. Although it’s denim, it’s not really thick and heavy, so there’s no chance of getting too hot. Saying that, I don’t know what I’d be like in the heat we’ve just had, wearing it.

I love Sosandar. Everything I’ve bought to date has been amazing quality and fitted like a dream. I don’t mind paying a bit more for quality – but the pieces are really nice too. I’m really starting to appreciate having a capsule wardrobe with a couple of statement pieces or prints thrown in, and it’s something I’m eventually going to focus more of my attention on. Actually, it was my friend that recommended Sosandar that we went out with too – and she noticed what I was wearing, which was nice.

What are your go-to summer outfits?

Love, Lucy xx

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