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Mother's Day Wax Melt box
I realise this should have been posted on Thursday, but I quite liked the thought of posting this the day before Mother’s Day. Because a new month means a new special edition range from Little Aromas – and of course, I had to treat myself for Mother’s Day. But you know what I’m like, I couldn’t stop there. And then Sarah released her ‘scoop & melt’ tubs and I placed a second order in quick succession. I’ll post those hauls further down – let’s get on with the Mother’s Day box.

The box was originally priced at £20, although I think in the lead up to Mother’s Day, it has been reduced slightly. There were initially only the floral boxes too, but pink pearlescent was later an option. They both look super cute, so I’m not too disheartened. Each box contained four snap bars and two heart snap bars. The hearts said ‘love you’ (aww) and the bars were engraved with ‘mum’.

You can read the full scent profiles on the website, but the six different fragrances were:

  • Bubbly & Roses: a mixture of floral and fruit – think sweet peach and a touch of berries, with notes of magnolia, rose (obv) and peony 
  • Caring: inspired by Dove – all the florals, including rose, jasmine, ylang ylang and patchouli 
  • Duvet Day: a beautifully fresh, clean scent of white lily and neroli. It actually smells exactly like fresh bedding! 
  • Fairy Godmother: florals such as bergamot, rose, violet and jasmine, with the sweetness of vanilla and musk 
  • Pampering Bliss: a sweet scent of peach and apricot, with vanilla and caramel, and floral notes of peony, lily and jasmine 
  • Pink Gin

The scents are just perfect for this kinda box. I have to say as well, in terms of the special edition ranges, this is my favourite one yet. All the scents are just beautiful and there’s not a single one I don’t like. It’s such a lovely gift too, and if I hadn’t have treated myself, I would have asked Ash to get me this from Alfie. We did buy a set for Ash’s mum too.

If I had to pick my favourites, they’d have to be Fairy Godmother and Pink Gin. Although I do really like Duvet Day and I’m glad I stocked up (see below). I now need to decide which to burn first.

Wax melts in all different shapes, colours and scents
Wax melts in all different shapes, colours and scents

 Not one haul... two hauls!

As I mentioned, I just had to stock up… well I didn’t have to. But I defy you to visit the website and not end up spending a fortune! So, in addition to the Mother’s Day box, I also chose:

  • Imperfection bag (angel in Aqua Minerals & Sea Kelp; turtle in The New Moon) 
  • Bunny butts in Strawberry Bon Bon, Duvet Day and Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 
  • Flumps in Lemonade & Lollipops, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream and Ruby Jasmine

And then Sarah announced that the scoop & melt tubs were being released, in limited scents. I just had to snap one up before they sold out. They look so cute, with the little scoop and branded ribbon. I already cannot wait for the refill bags. My second (mini) haul was:

  • Scoop & Melt in Bedtime Baby 
  • Jelly babies in Duvet Day 
  • Cute skulls in Pink Sands, Ruby Jasmine and Spa Day

Of these scents, the Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is a new one to Little Aromas. I absolutely adore that vibrant green colour, but it smells insane. Exactly like a mint Cornetto or even better – a Rossi’s ice cream! Then there are some scents I haven’t tried before (and I can’t believe I haven’t, to be fair): Strawberry Bon Bon, Pink Sands and Spa Day. And of course, I had to re-purchase some favourites – I reckon Lemonade & Lollipops and Ruby Jasmine could well be in my top five of all-time (excluding limited edition).

As always, I was so impressed with the scents and the presentation of the box. If you’re yet to try Little Aromas and like what you see, don’t forget that new customers receive a discount on their first order by quoting NEWBIE10 at check out. Existing customers, reach out for tiered discount codes, depending on your level of spend.

Love, Lucy xx

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