Little Aromas | Advent Calendar review (and new scents haul)

Wax melt advent calendar, with candy cane striped boxes in a trayBox number one of an advent calendar, with all the other boxes in the background

My last Little Aromas post coincided with another limited-edition range – Halloween – which was incredible. But Sarah has fully pulled it out of the bag with her Christmas range this year… the scents, the shapes and oh my god, the Advent Calendar!

She was selling both a 12-day and 25-day calendar and while I really wanted both, I purchased the latter for £40 – and not only did it surpass my expectations, it totally blew me away. She mentioned she had some issues with suppliers and couldn’t get the boxes originally planned, but I’m not being funny, this was loads better! You could really see that she put so much thought, love and creativity into the calendar – and this just made it so unique and special. Rather than a traditional calendar, whereby you open the door and get your treat, this was 24 individually boxed wax melts, labelled with their number (1-24), with a larger cracker for Christmas Day – all in a gorgeous white reusable tray.

The numbers 1-24 were in different scents, and not all of them were festive, but that totally didn’t matter. They were the 1oz pots she uses for her sample boxes and they usually last for 24 hours+. The number 25 was one of the larger heart tubs, I think this may be 2oz, but I’m not entirely sure. I had a sneak peek at mine (for the purposes of this post, obv) and it’s Rose Wonderland, one of my new favourite scents!

As you can see, the Advent Calendar is a proper vision of Christmas, with the gorgeous candy cane-style red and white striped boxes with matching ribbons. Each box was filled with a sprinkling of fake snow, and the usual CLP labels were inside the boxes, revealing each scent as the box was opened.

Of course, I couldn’t stop at just the calendar, and did a couple of orders around the same time. I was worried that some of the scents wouldn’t be in the calendar, so stocked up on the ones I liked the sound of, before reading all the scent profiles. The festive shapes Sarah released for Christmas 2020 were Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Reindeer, Father Christmas and my favourite, the chunky Snowflake. I have since placed another couple of orders – but more on those later… 

Wax melt advent calendar boxes It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas

A bit like the Halloween range, there were numerous new and limited-edition scents that Sarah brought out. She had also run a couple of polls on social to gauge our thoughts and see if there was anything we’d like her to introduce. I would genuinely be here all night if I listed them all, as I believe in total there were 23 festive scents, released in different batches. So, here is my top five:

  1. Snow Fairy – inspired by the sickly sweet Lush products, Snow Fairy is best described as a mixture between candy floss and bubble gum. I love it, and to me, it’s the smell of Christmas. Back in the day, I loved when I received the shower gel in my stocking, or a Snow Fairy gift set on Christmas Day. 
  2. Warming Cashmere – another sweet fragrance, but not quite on the same level. Warming Cashmere mixes vanilla and musk with the floral notes of sweet orchid and jasmine. I expected to love it, and I did. 
  3. Sweater Weather – this one pleasantly surprised me, but it ended up being a firm favourite. The scent really does evoke cold days, wrapped in woolly jumpers or fleecy blankets. Sweater Weather contains juniper and sage, eucalyptus and spearmint with slight hints of earthy woods. 
  4. Cherries on Snow – I adore this and have literally not stopped burning it in our bedroom. It obviously has gorgeous hints of cherry, with notes of lily, peony and mimosa – and on a base of musk, vanilla, amber and sandalwood. Yes, it really is as dreamy as it sounds. 
  5. Snow Champagne – another of my favourites. This is a clean, fresh and luxurious scent. There are hints of citrus and musk, and if snow had a smell, it would (and should!) smell exactly like this melt.

The non-Christmassy scents I received in sample form were: Love Hearts, Exotic Bloom, Blue Cotton Candy, Banana Split, Coconut Milk & Lavender, Aloe Vera & Cucumber, Candyland and Nag Champa. I think the majority of these I’ve either burned before, or bought and not yet tried, but I’ll be holding onto these until I’ve got through all my festive scents. I have a little wicker hamper full of them all, while each room still has a basket loaded up with the other melts I have… I honestly think I have enough to last me until the end of 2021! Would you like to see some haul posts soon?

Wax melt snap bars, inspired by The Grinch Feeling Festive – and not like The Grinch

As I mentioned earlier in my post, since making my way through the Advent Calendar, Sarah has released some other new scents and shapes, and of course – I cannot resist a little spend! She recently announced these incredible snap bars, inspired by The Grinch. I mean, look at the level of detail, colour and beauty in these. I’m still genuinely in awe that she has created something so wonderful – they are so on season too! I ended up buying three, in the scents: Sweater Weather, Elf Treats and Cherries on Snow. They are priced at £3 each (plus P+P) and they are very limited-edition, with only a few made, so if you want to get your hands on them, check out socials for a stock update!

In case you’re wondering what else I bought, I ended up just getting some of the new scented products. These aren’t Christmassy by any means, but I just needed to add them to my haul and I was worried they would sell out quick.

  • Bows in Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Apple & Pear, Funky Flamingo and Pomegranate Noir 
  • Bunny Butts in Pomegranate Noir 
  • Flumps in Lemonade & Lollipops 
  • Jelly Babies in Coconut Milk & Lavender 
  • Sea Turtles in Perfect Storm, Rose Wonderland and Unicorn Dreams 
  • Mermaid Plaque in Marshmallow & Peppermint

And Sarah also kindly boxed up some melts for being a brand rep and I received two scents that I’ve not yet tried – Caramel Snowflake and Vanilla Snowflake.

The website is now closed and will reopen on January 2nd.

Just finally, as this will be my last Little Aromas post of the year – a massive thank you Sarah for letting me be a rep. Since I found out about Little Aromas during the first lockdown, I’ve quickly become obsessed and I’m so proud of how far Sarah has come this year. The community on her Facebook pages is great, and I love our brand rep group chats too. I just know that 2021 will bring more glitter, scents and fabulous things! It’s my favourite lockdown find, and even better that she is so local (and can hand deliver all my orders!). So, when the website reopens, be sure to check it out. NEWBIE10 for a discount on first orders.

Love, Lucy xx

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