Little Aromas | Rebrand and secret sale hauls

Selection of wax shapes in different scents and shapes
Wax melts in the shape of a waffle and diamond heart

Okay, so before I begin, amazing news – Little Aromas have rebranded and relaunched their website. Featuring brand new products and scents, the site went crazy at 8pm last Friday and I was lucky enough to get my order in… were you? If not, don’t worry – there’s still some stock left. But Sarah is only restocking once a month, so once it’s gone, well, it’s gone! Quick plug – remember LUCY10 for your 10% discount on all products and every order.

Anyway, I was fortunate to fill my boots – or should that be storage boxes – with the older stock. First of all, Sarah was offering goodie bags for £15, which worked out cheaper after the discount code. They were well worth the money and were definitely of greater value than what we paid. And then she ran a secret sale on Instagram and I spent another £17 or so. I can’t wait to share what I got, so let’s get to it.

Wax melt haul - different shapes, scents and products

Goodie Bag

  • Winter pine clam heart bar 
  • Sweet peach heart bar
  •  Witches Brew snap bar 
  • Coconut & waterfall blooms snap bar 
  • Frosted candy apple unicorn 
  • Sweet like candy owl 
  • Peppermint cream large elephant 
  • Caramel vanilla latte waffle
  •  Blueberry & lemon donut diamond heart 
  • Candyfloss & marshmallow sizzlers 
  • Toasted marshmallow heart tub

The goodie bag may have been a surprise, but it was the perfect mix of scents and shapes – and ones I’d never tried before, as well as some tried and tested favourites. Frosted Candy Apple was one of my first favourite scents and since receiving that as a free gift, I’ve never been able to get my hands on it since – I so can’t wait to burn that and get all nostalgic again. Witches Brew is another that I love, although Ash disagrees. I just love its chocolatey, malty, praline-ness! Such a tempting smell. It’s also really strong and has a massive scent throw – so all-round a good one.

I’ve never tried blueberry & lemon donut, but also purchased it in the secret sale – it’s next on my list, I think. I’ve also never tried caramel vanilla latte, or sweet like candy but they are both absolutely a bit of me. The winter pine bar I’ll probably save for Christmas, I’ve got a snap bar in that scent too and spring/summer wasn’t really the right time to burn it… we won’t be having a real tree this year, so at least it will keep our living room feeling festive.

Mermaid-inspired wax melt box, featuring snap bars, turtles and a mermaid tail

Secret Sale

  • Mermaid gift box (contains unlabelled mermaid tail, 2x Seychelles turtles, mermaid wishes snap bar and blue coral & sea salt snap bar) 
  • Blueberry & lemon donut waffle 
  • Blue coral & sea salt diamond heart 
  • Mixed shape bag (contains bananas & custard turtle, pineapple & mango love hearts, sweet peach bunny butts, mint & rhubarb ice lollies and caramel vanilla latte skull)

The secret sale was loads of fun and I think it was mostly us reps that were involved. A few products were super limited – like one or two available, so it was a battle to get there first. And I went straight in with asking for the waffle. I still haven’t burned it or tried the scent. But like I say, it’s the next on my list.

I could have quite honestly bagged everything, but I wanted to try some new scents and products – and I was well pleased with my beautiful mermaid box. Isn’t it just so beautiful? The sets make such lovely gifts too… Sarah now does 1oz sample pots in boxes of 6 or 12. I know I’d be well happy if I received one.

The mixed shape bag was totally catered to my favourite scents. Sarah must know me too well – and she always smashes it with the random/sample products! I make no secret of loving all the fruit and sweet-smelling scents… although I think the laundry-inspired and fresh ones are slowly catching up. I like to have those (and the designer fragrance collection) burning in the living room. I’ve recently updated my storage boxes in each room to reflect my preferences.

Like I say, you’ve gotta be quick off the mark on the new website. But as well as melts and sizzlers, Sarah is now stocking room mist sprays – and I feel like I missed out by not buying one this month… it will be on next month’s list for sure! Also, if you’re on Facebook, please like the page and join the group – there are polls, raffles and giveaways… it’s loads of fun!

Love, Lucy xx

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