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Handmade clay gifts from Lisa's Gift Boutique
These posts have become synonymous with hyping up a small, independent and/or local business, and tonight I’m talking about Lisa’s Gift Boutique.

Specialising in clay gifts, Lisa handmakes every item from her home in Colchester. This means every piece is unique and special – especially when it comes to hand-painting the designs. After lusting over her social feeds for weeks, and entering a couple of her competitions, I just had to buy something. And as Mother’s Day was then on the horizon, I thought what better reason to treat myself?

After Alfie accidentally broke one of the ceramic coasters I received for Christmas, those were on the agenda. Although I haven’t technically replaced them, and these ones are up in our bedroom, rather than our living room. I just loved the designs that Lisa shared – stamped with personalised names or messages, with beautifully detailed painting work. I opted for the super cute bee design. One was embossed with ‘mummy’ and the other, ‘queen bee’. I was given the options to choose the colour for the wording and the heart which sits underneath – I went for red with black lettering.

Clay bumblebee personalised coasters
I could not be happier with the finished product – I mean how gorgeous and like I say, so unique. The clay coasters have rubber feet on the underside, keeping them stable. The bees themselves are beautiful, and so wonderfully painted… I literally could not stop looking at them when they arrived. I particularly love the black outlining which frames the coasters, too. I often have a glass of water by my bed, so one of the coasters is constantly used for that. I’m already thinking some kind of trinket dish will need to be next, with the bee design, of course… but no idea what I’d use it for at this stage.

And I didn’t stop there! I saw a photo of a really gorgeous vase with heart tag, entwined with rope and I just adored it. Although, at this point, I had no idea the vase was included, and I just thought it was the decorative keepsake tag. But the vase was included – and that was just perfect. We don’t have enough vases in this house.

I carried on the bumblebee theme, this time with ‘mum’ on the smaller heart. The vase itself is a really beautiful shape and my Mother’s Day present from Alfie was some dried flowers in blush and grey tones, which will look wonderful in our bedroom, matching the décor. I plan for them to go in my vase. But the wrapped rope and clay heart decorations are just stunning. I love that I have this gift (albeit, to myself) and it’s not like anything anyone else has in their home! I will have to take a photo once my flowers arrive. 

Clay lavender-scented diffuser on bedpost
But Lisa also threw in some complimentary lavender-scented clay diffusers. These are just so lovely and smell divine. In fact, when I opened the parcel, it was all I could smell – so relaxing. I have so much trouble sleeping and swear by wax melts in the evening and room sprays before bed, pillow mists and my eye mask, so having one of these diffusers on my bed post is ideal! The scent is strong and long-lasting – and you can top it up with any essential oil you like. I think I’m going to have to get some!

Everything was beautifully packaged – the coasters were gift wrapped with branded stickers in pretty tissue paper – and so securely too. Of course, with fragile items, there is the worry that they will get damaged in transit, or when they are thrown on your doorstep (in this current climate!), but there was no chance of that happening, with plenty of protective materials keeping everything secure and damage-free.

Not only this, but the whole customer experience was amazing. That’s the thing about small businesses – it’s all the extra personal touches and making you feel valued. Throughout the order process, Lisa asked for my preferences, and even when creating the items, she kept me updated and even sent photos of the progress. I was really well informed.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself, or are wanting a special handmade gift, I highly recommend Lisa’s Gift Boutique. You won’t be disappointed.

Love, Lucy xx

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