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Valentine's box with a single pink rose
Valentine's treat box
Some weeks, I feel like I should just be a treat/snack box reviewer – and then I suddenly remember that come October, if Boris sticks to his word, I’ll be in a wedding dress. I’ve mentioned before that Alfie often asks about treat boxes, but he’s now started asking if we’re “going to Baby Granny’s house” at random points in the week. I’m sure I’ve ordered a pretzel box or two since the last special-edition Christmas treat boxes. And the Valentine’s one looked amazing on the ‘gram, so I had to snap it up.

I ordered for collection on Saturday 13th, because I had my Game Changer Kitchen box coming on the Friday. This box was priced at £10, for the following five treats:

  • Jammy Dodger rocky road 
  • Chocolate chip cookie heart 
  • Oreo stuffed brownie 
  • Mini bronuts 
  • Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks

I’m not ashamed to say I ate all the pretzel sticks immediately after photographing and opening the box. They were delicious, reminding me so much of Mikado (but tastier). And then within 30 seconds, I went in and had the bronuts too! They were only small, and there was four of them – and I did give one to Ash, too.

I’d never heard of bronuts before. I didn’t jump on the cronuts hype – that’s a croissant/doughnut hybrid, if you weren’t too sure… but as you would expect, a bronut is a cross between a brownie and a doughnut. They were incredible, bite-sized loveliness, if you will. I do wonder what a larger one would taste like, and I need to find out. Because these were mini, I found the texture chewier than a brownie, but in a good way – like really addictive. I won’t lie, I regretted sharing!

The chocolate chip cookie heart was good and because it was quite thick, it had the perfect combination of chewy and crispy. The additional chocolate drizzle was lush, and if the heart didn’t scream Valentine’s enough, there was even a sprinkling of sugar confetti hearts to finish it off.

Question: what’s better than a slab of rich, indulgent brownie? I’ll tell you – one that’s stuffed full of Oreo. That sweet crunch as you bite in… and it wasn’t too sickly sweet, either. I wish I’d taken a photo of the inside now, as that was a thing of beauty. Almost like an Oreo sandwich, with thick brownie bread.

And while the bronuts were hands-down my favourite item in the box – I’m still thinking about them as I type – the Jammy Dodger rocky road was something else. You can’t have a Valentine’s box without the iconic Queen of Hearts biscuit. But it wasn’t only Jammy Dodger that adorned this traybake, there was chunks of Digestive in the base. Rocky Road is undoubtedly underrated when it comes to the world of sweet treats/snacks. Maybe I’ll have to add it to our list of home making ideas… now thinking about various Easter traybake ideas! What would you like to see?

Not only was the box beautifully presented as always, in a signature white box and sticker, with a red ribbon, rather than the standard jute string – but there was also a single pink rose, which was just the cutest touch and finished it all off nicely. I would say it was the only flower I received, but I bought myself a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses in Waitrose to brighten up our dining area, as well as my mood. I believe that boxes which were hand-delivered also came with a personalised note… romance certainly isn’t dead in MK, that’s for sure!

Love, Lucy xx

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