Review | Game Changer Kitchen Halloween Treat Box

Halloween themed treat box, containing brownie, blondie, cupcake and cookie

It’s been a while since I ordered a Game Changer Kitchen treat box, let alone reviewed one. But prior to lockdown 2.0 commencing, it was my place of choice for breakfast/brunch or even a good coffee. Now that the café has sadly had to close again, Alessandra has brought back the afternoon teas and treat boxes – and I’ve actually ordered the former for when mum comes over this week to look after Alfie.

The Halloween treat box was priced at £12 for six different goodies:

  • Spooky rocky road 
  • Mummy classic brownie
  • Jammy dodger blondie 
  • Chocolate chip teeth cookie 
  • Trick or Treat vanilla cupcake 
  • Monster meringue

First of all, I can confirm that I had all six items, but the meringue was stuck to the box and as I opened it, it flew out. Of course, I had to eat it immediately, rather than place it nicely to photograph. The meringue was delicious, btw. You know when it has that crisp shell but is super chewy on the inside – just perfect. I could have honestly just eaten a box full of meringues, and probably all in one sitting too.

Sharing is Caring

Where treats are concerned, we have a vulture in this house. During lockdown 1, Alfie came quite accustomed to “chocolate browns” – it’s amazing what over two years without chocolates, sweets and cakes can do to a kid! But he loves the Game Changer Kitchen brownies and blondies, and is now quite the connoisseur, so it was only right that I shared.

The brownie was exquisite – gooey and rich, and ever so chocolatey. I loved the fudgy chocolate topping on the rocky road, which was covered in spooky sugar confetti. And we both loved the cookie, which I cut down the middle. Of course, we both pulled it apart and ate all the marshmallows first, before eating each quarter separately. It wasn’t too sweet.

The day of collection, we visited the café. I had taken Alfie to ChaCharChimps and was in need of a coffee stop – and ended up having breakfast, as I hadn’t eaten. On arrival, Alfie helped himself to an orange juice before bolting it to the cake counter and asked for a cupcake. He taste-tested the Trick or Treat cupcake, the same as in the treat box – and it got his seal of approval. I’m not usually a cupcake person, but this was light, with a beautiful soft sponge, the dreamiest buttercream and decorated with a fondant stamp. It was delicious.

I saved the blondie ‘til last and it was worth the wait. That gummy eyeball sweet went first, before I licked at the raspberry jammy topping. The blondies are always immense, they have a gorgeous cakey texture which isn’t too heavy. The portion size of the brownies and blondies are always huge – but of course, I ate it all in one go.

As I mentioned, the café is closed due to lockdown 2.0, but be sure to follow on Instagram to keep updated with what the Game Changer Kitchen have planned for us this time around.

Love, Lucy xx

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