The Game Changer Kitchen – Brownie Box review

I know it was only last week that I blogged The Game Changer Kitchen Treat Box review and I feel as though I should rename Tuesday, Treats Tuesday, because guess what – I have another box of sweet treats to share with you. This is the most recent brownie box I’ve ordered, which came on Saturday 9th May. I’ve had a week off and have already ordered my Treat Box for Bank Holiday Monday – I can’t wait! I’ll see how I feel and how I’m set with content, but I may well blog that too. But back to this box, which contained:
·         Custard cream blondie
·         Milkyway blondie
·         Kinder blondie
·         Salted caramel Twix brownie
·         Reese’s Peanut buttercup blondie

Alessandra recently changed her blondie recipe – and while they were good before, they’re insanely good now, so dense – it was no surprise to see more blondie than brownie in this box. I’m starting to think I prefer them too!

Unlike the Treat Box, I shared this with the boys and Alfie was in luck, as we tried the custard cream blondie first. He got so excited when he saw his favourite biscuit atop the cake mix – so I had to cut him a piece with biscuit on. Amongst the biscuits were white chocolate chips, but it wasn’t too sweet. Yup, I’m definitely a blondie fan.

Next up, I ate the brownies. The salted caramel Twix brownie was so good, but it was difficult to slice and messy to eat. Very gooey and rich but heavenly. The salted caramel flavour with the added drizzle was intense and the Twix on top added the most beautiful crunch. The Milkyway brownie was less gooey. In fact, it was the opposite – quite dense with a soft top. Alessandra had mentioned that there should have been pieces of Milkyway through the mixture which must have melted during baking – but who’d have known and the chunks on top more than made up for it.
Having had a Reese’s peanut buttercup brownie before, it was nice to try the blondie this time – and I really can’t decide which one I prefer… they’re both delicious. I’d say the peanut butter flavour is more prominent in the blondie because the chocolate isn’t as rich, but you can’t go wrong with that chocolate-peanut butter combo. I got to have most of this because Ash doesn’t like peanut butter. But Alfie was a fan of the brownies in this box and kept asking me for “more chocolate browns”.

And as usual, I have to end with my favourite and there was one clear winner here. I’d been meaning to try the Kinder blondie or brownie for absolute ages and would have committed to a traybake but for all these selection boxes. Well I finally got to try it – in blondie form. I’d done a workout the previous night so treated myself to this for breakfast – it’s acceptable, right? And OMG, what a thing of beauty. I mean first, check out all that chocolate running through the mixture. Not only that, but there was a piece of Kinder and Kinder Bueno on the top. I shared it immediately on my Instagram story and within five minutes, I’d had three or four messages and over 10 reactions of heart eyes!

Yes, it’s dreamy. But the best part? That praline drizzle! You guys must know by now that I love me a drizzle and Biscoff previously stole my heart, but now I’m here for the praline. I feel like I could eat it from a jar, with a spoon, I love it that much. It’s my favourite Game Changer Kitchen treat to date, although Alessandra hinted at Guylian brownies/blondies and omg yes please. They’d be right up there as the most immense treat ever and all I can say is, get in my (soon to be massive, if I carry on) belly!

Visit the Treat Yo’self section of the website for all the latest treat and delivery dates. There’s a new map which highlights the areas The Game Changer Kitchen are delivering too. There are also some brand-new fabulous additions to the treats, including Kids Afternoon Tea (if only Alfie ate sandwiches), Father’sDay traybakes or afternoon tea and even a wider range of birthday goodies. Be sure to check it out – for the most part, there’s a limited number of products available.

Love, Lucy xx

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