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Christmas themed treat box with mince pies, cookies and more

Despite all that’s going on in the world, this Christmas had to be one of my favourites. Alfie finally understood what was going on, and had done lots of talking, singing and crafting around Christmas at nursery – and I wanted to make it as magical as possible for him. Last year was the first year he got a Christmas Eve box and I wanted to go one better with a plate. Sadly, my mum bought the plate and it was at her house, before the tier 4 restrictions came into play – but at least we have one for next year!

But even before that, Baby Granny Bakes had pulled it out of the bag, with not one, not two, but three special Christmassy treat boxes. I’ve featured a few of the boxes on here in the past, including the Halloween themed box, as well as a regular treat box – and I’ve also tried the school cake traybake and a pretzel box. Everything is always excellent and good value, but these Christmas boxes were on another level – in terms of their contents and the presentation.

Christmas themed treat box with biscotti, Christmas cake, mince pies and moreTreats for the family

First up, we have the family box. This was priced at £20, but there was also a smaller version available – the Room for 2 box – which I believe was around £15, making this one much better value. Plus, I ordered it before BoJo cancelled Christmas, so had planned on taking it to mum’s and everyone just indulging. Instead, I have very much indulged – and enjoyed every minute! This box contained:

  • 4x cranberry & pistachio biscotti
  • 4x gingerbread stars
  • 4x mince pies
  • 4x Christmas cake cubes
  • 4x hot chocolate cookies
  • 2x peppermint meringue kisses

I’ll talk about some of the items later, as they were repeated in both boxes – but the family box had some absolute crackers – the Christmas cake and the biscotti! The gingerbread also tasted slightly different in both boxes, but was delicious nonetheless – I mean, it must have been good, as I don’t think I shared it.

I’m a firm lover of Christmas cake. In fact, anything Christmassy – I love Christmas pudding and mince pies too. The cake was so rich and fruity, but a light fruit cake, rather than dark – which strangely made it less stodgy and sticky. I could have eaten it all in one go. The ratio of fruit cake to marzipan and icing was spot-on too. But for me, the marzipan could have been firmer, it was quite soft and almost runny – it’s personal preference, but I like my marzipan and icing hard, so that you can pick the fruit cake off first and eat it separately.

I think it was earlier in the year that I was watching a cooking show and the chef made biscotti. They made it look terribly easy, but also pointed out how a batch would make a lovely gift. That’s certainly a foodie gift I would love to receive and now I really want to make some homemade gifts for next year – I’ve also considered preserves, but now, want to throw biscotti into the mix. But these were beautiful. Not only a really good size and perfect for dunking, but with the perfect texture and crunch. I can safely say they were the best biscotti I’ve ever had – and a solid 10/10.

Treats for Santa

Then, we have the Christmas Eve box. This was bought with Alfie in mind, and that plate, of course. It was priced at £12.50 and contained the following treats

  • 2x gingerbread hearts 
  • 2x mince pies 
  • 2x hot chocolate cookies 
  • 2x carrots for reindeer 
  • A pouch of magic reindeer food

Christmas Eve plate with mince pie and carrots On Christmas Eve, we left out the two carrots, along with a mince pie. I asked Alfie what Father Christmas would like to drink, thinking milk or maybe something stronger (needed after this year, I’m sure!) and he suggested orange & mango squash – so we ran with it! The mince pies were delicious – I didn’t just taste test that night, I’d had a couple from the other box too. Rich buttery pastry, with a delicately spiced and zesty mincemeat. I ate mine warm, but Alfie had them cold – he has got quite the taste for “raisin cake” now.

The cookies were incredible too – so chunky and chewy, the perfect texture. They were full of chocolate chunks and marshmallows. And then gamechanger – Chloe recommended warming them in the microwave. Now I’d never heard of that before but apparently, it’s a thing. So, I tried it, and wow! Not only did the heat warm the cookie and soften it, the chocolate and marshmallow also began to melt – it was like a proper hot chocolate! Just throwing it out there – I would buy a box, solely of these cookies!

Both boxes were so beautifully presented, with the products individually wrapped, or in packages of two, for ultimate freshness. In fact, we finished off the last of the treats this evening, and everything still tasted as it should – the cookies had hardened, but they were being heated anyway!

Baby Granny is re-releasing pretzel boxes for New Year’s, so head over to her Facebook or Instagram pages to order yours, and also keep up to date with her future plans and bakes.

Love, Lucy xx

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