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Halloween themed treat box of biscuits and cakes

I end my Halloween series tonight with another treat box review – and this time from Baby Granny Bakes. I’ve featured Chloe on my blog before (read: Lucy Loves… Baby Granny Bakes), and her boxes never disappoint. After placing an order for a pretzel box, I’ve also put my Christmas order in, choosing a Christmas Eve box (mainly for Alfie) and a family box (to share with family, obv). The Halloween box was priced at £12 and contained the following treats:

  • Green monster cookie 
  • Mummified brownie 
  • No-head gingerbread (mini and mummy) 
  • Spooktastic cupcake 
  • Meringue ghosts 
  • Plus, some spooky sweets thrown in

Once again, I had a little helper on hand to help me eat everything… well almost everything! We started off with the headless gingerbread. Alfie had the mini one, and I had the mummy one. The gingerbread was so soft, like proper gingerbread, with a beautifully spicy flavour. I think we’ve become accustomed to gingerbread with that ‘snap’, but really soft gingerbread (like the kind you find at Christmas markets) is the way forward. It really gets me in the festive feels.

Not finished there, we then shared the brownie. It was rich, gooey and delicious. Baked to perfection, the exterior had that lovely crisp shell, before chomping into super soft, cakey brownie. I don’t think Alfie even realised the mummy stripes and googly eyes, as he broke chunks off and stuffed it in his mouth, but it was the spookiest brownie I’d seen.

I ate the sweets and meringues as a snack. You can’t go wrong with gummy sweets and they were a lovely addition to all the baked goods. Talking of which, the meringues were great! I loved the likeness to ghosts, with the decorative features, and they were so good. But I don’t think I should have eaten it all in one go…

Sugar coma alert!

The next day, I had the cookie… oh my! The texture was unreal, and actually indescribable. It was so chunky, yet so soft, and almost cake-like. Super light, and packed full of chocolate chunks and googly eyes.

And then the original menu suggested that the spooktastic cupcake was chocolate orange. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do chocolate orange – so I gave it to Ash. He’s not really a cake person, let alone a cupcake person. But he took one for the team. And then, spoiler alert: he told me it wasn’t chocolate orange. Now I don’t know whether it was an orange sponge, or just vanilla, but I didn’t try it. I wish I had now, just to clarify.

As always, the treats were packaged well, this time, sitting on a bed of orange shredded tissue to add to the Halloween theme. Nothing was squashed or touching each other, and as you can see, it photographed so easily! Chloe’s boxes are always beautifully boxed, complete with twine and a branded sticker… I have a collection of twine in my stationery drawer! I also bought a box for my neighbour and her children, as I heard they were having a Halloween party. And you can’t have a party without treats.

I’m sure I’ll end up writing one or two Christmas posts, so keep your eyes peeled. But in the meantime, follow Baby Granny Bakes on Facebook or Instagram to stay up to date with upcoming treat boxes and plans.

Love, Lucy xx

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