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Beautiful treat box, secured with jute twine and branded sticker
Another week, another local business to support – and another to involve one of my biggest weaknesses… cake! Chloe is the girl behind Baby Granny Bakes and I initially found her through our community Facebook page. I missed out on the muffins she made, but heard they were very good, but jumped right on the treat boxes.

For £8, you get four different treats, packaged beautifully in a box with jute twine. There’s absolutely no scrimping on portion size. After ordering a first box, which included:

  • Bread pudding 
  • Chocolate orange brownie
  • Salted caramel cupcake 
  • School cake

I couldn’t help but order a second – after giving myself a week off the sweet treats, of course. But I also saw that Chloe was baking traybake size portions of the school cake – a popular choice in the treat box. And I had to purchase one, because it was so good, and brought back memories! I ordered the XL size (£10) for part one of Alfie’s party, with family. We were hosting a tea party and sadly, the rest of the cake platter was shop-bought – but it meant that the school cake was a hit and I got asked where I had got it from. I even managed to cut the tray bake into 16 squares – bonus!

Treat box containing brownie, melting moment, unicorn krispie and lemon drizzle loaf slice

But back to the most recent treat box now. It contained:

  • Kinder brownie 
  • Lemon drizzle cake
  • Melting moments
  • Unicorn krispie

The chocolate brownie was delicious, so rich and gooey. I believe that Chloe sometimes bakes for the Game Changer Kitchen (who make the best brownies and blondies – EVER!). The two pieces were so big, and I really wasn’t expecting that much so it was a nice surprise. I wasn’t sure if it was one square that had got broken, but I couldn’t eat it all in one go, anyway.

I had never heard of melting moments before, and I had to Google what they were first. At a first glance, they looked a bit like coconut macaroons, minus the chocolate and topped with a cherry. And I guess that’s kind of what they were. Melting Moments can be coated in rolled oats or desiccated coconut. They had the texture of shortbread, but even lighter, and like the name suggested, simply melted in the mouth. They’re the kind of bake I could make with Alfie… maybe it’ll come soon to the blog!

Ash’s favourite cake is lemon drizzle and I said he could have the slice… but I didn’t say where it was stored, and I had to eat it before it went stale. He will probably hate me now because it was so delicious (I haven’t told him that). The sponge was so light, and the lemon drizzle icing was really sharp – which I loved. For me, lemon drizzle has to have that tartness. It was a really gorgeous loaf cake – but one slice just wasn’t enough!

And finally, the unicorn krispie. It wasn’t as sweet or sickly as it looked – with that thick chocolate and all the sprinkles. It was honestly like rice krispie cake, next level – so extra. Obviously, it looked great, but it tasted just as good. It’s another one I could make with Alfie, probably a blue version, and we could even use dinosaur sprinkles!

I haven’t ordered a box since that one, but as you can imagine, we’ve had all the cakes and treats in for Alfie’s birthday. I always get excited for Chloe’s treat box reveal posts, and she even runs polls so you can vote for your favourites each week, in anticipation of the next box. You can find Baby Granny Bakes on Facebook and Instagram, where she not only shares baking posts, but life updates and her other love, singing!

Most of the time, it’s collection only – either from Newton Leys or Bletchley. However, she occasionally offers delivery and most recently, this was in Stony Stratford. But I’m sure she’ll keep you updated on social.

Love, Lucy xx

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