2020 review & 2021 goals

Photo montage depicting 2020 in review

Birthday trip to Luxembourg | 30th celebrations at the Blossom Room | Alfie’s first haircut | Nonna’s brunch date (three days before lockdown) | Easter egg hunt in the garden | Socially distant VE Day street party | Family lockdown photo shoot | Mum’s birthday celebrations at home | Mum’s birthday celebrations in the Peak District | Save the dates (sent!) | Sunflower season at the Patch MK | Alfie’s third birthday | Alfie’s party (before lockdown 2) | Girls that bottomless brunch (at Nonna’s) | Pumpkin picking at the Patch MK | Christmas at Page Palace

Oh 2020, we won’t be forgetting you in a hurry! I could go on and on about all the things we had planned but had to cancel or postpone, or everything that went wrong. But not only would I be here all night, it would also be a really negative post to end the year on.

Instead, I’m looking back at photos where memories were made. The various walks we managed to go on around MK, exploring new places together. All those home-cooked meals, takeaways and treats we have indulged in. Thankful that we have got through this year and are all still healthy.

The two biggest moments of sadness from the year were the implications of the first lockdown, when I didn’t see my mum for about 18 weeks (the longest we have ever been apart) and just last month, my nan passing away. Family has always been the most important thing to me, and that’s been amplified this year, when we’ve had a lot less contact than usual.

But there were plenty of positives. Ash and I both managed to celebrate our 30th birthdays at the start of the year. Although we weren’t able to take my mum abroad for her milestone birthday as planned, the five of us still had a lovely staycation near the Peak District. And as stressful as it was, organising a birthday party in hourly slots to conform to the rule of 6, Alfie had the party we had planned, and it was a great success.

In fact, watching Alfie thrive this year has been one of the highlights. From absolutely smashing toilet training, to his speech developing at a rate of knots – it blows my mind that he can count to 30! While it was difficult having him at home for so long while the nursery was shut, I think it did him some good – and I organised some themed and structured tasks. Since being back at nursery and moving up to the pre-school room, we have noticed such a difference – and I genuinely could not be more appreciative and grateful of the staff in what has been a turbulent year.

And other positives include:

  • Working throughout the year (albeit from home the majority of the time) and getting a promotion 
  • Booking our wedding venue and sending out the save the dates 
  • Finding lots of local businesses to support, many of which I continue to do so

In last year’s post, my aims were to get more of my ’30 before I’m 30’ (now ’40 before I’m 40’) list complete. As you can imagine, that didn’t go to plan at all. My birthday present from my mum was to feed the giraffes at the zoo but I’ve not been able to do that yet – fingers crossed soon. Ash and I were going to put a list together too – 30 things we have never done before (either individually or as a couple). Again, while we wouldn’t have been able to fulfil the items on the list, we didn’t bother putting it together anyway. With that in mind, my goals for 2021 remain the same.

I also want to aim to find a new hobby. Like most people, my MH has been a bit up and down this year – in fact, working throughout the situation was the only thing keeping me going at one point. We have a twice-weekly reading night which is a great way to relax, as well as get through the mountain of books on my bedside table. We are also working through two film lists – our scratch-off poster, and a list from the Guardian. But I would like to find something else to do. When we finally return to some sense of normality, I would really love to be involved in one of Sophie's Supper Clubs.

But as another year comes to an end, it’s time for me to thank you for continuing to read Love, Lucy xx – and don’t forget to join my social communities, if you haven’t already (links below). I wish you all a Happy New Year. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay home… things can only get better!

Love, Lucy xx

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