A Birthday Breakfast at the Game Changer Kitchen Café, Milton Keynes

A flat white in a black cup and saucerBack to Alfie’s birthday this week with my content, and because we weren’t able to celebrate properly on the day, I had promised him a birthday breakfast. He told me he wanted pancakes and there was only one place I could think of – the Game Changer Kitchen Café.

You could be forgiven for not knowing where it is. They are based at DW Fitness at Stadium: MK, but you don’t need to be a member to enter. Simply explain to the staff that you’re there for the café, and after handing over your details for track & trace and having your temperature checked, you’re buzzed through. Also remember to enter your car reg on the tablet before entering the café – it entitles you to free parking, as the car park only offers an hour’s parking.

Open for breakfast and lunch, there’s also the epic cake counter. Everything is made fresh on premises and let’s be honest, you can’t visit and not order a takeaway box. It’s £2.50 a treat, or a box of five for £10 – much like the brownie/blondie boxes during lockdown. If you don’t believe me, here’s a brownie box review. Oh, and let’s not forget the treat box, which was equally as tasty!

Alessandra was behind the counter and once we had decided on the table near the play pen and in front of Cbeebies for Alfie, she brought over our menus. It’s not table service – you have to go up to the counter to order your food and drinks, paying for them then. But it’s not fast food either – everything has been made lovingly from scratch, and is well worth the wait… what’s 15 minutes, anyway?

The coffee is incredible, so strong. I had a flat white, served in a beautiful branded cup – perfect for that Insta shot! Ash ordered a banana milkshake, which was also very nice. I kinda wished I’d order a smoothie or shake to begin with, before moving onto the hard stuff. Alfie had an orange juice in a cute cup with a straw. The kids’ cutlery is fab, as is the dedicated kids’ menu. But everything was so relaxed, there was no rush for us to order, eat or leave – it was lush.

Alfie had the Nutella pancakes off the kids’ menu, which came with a small Kinder bar. He ate most of the chocolate and cream to begin with. After I cut up the pancakes, he had a few mouthfuls, but not nearly enough – and would much rather play in the pen or sit on the floor. I helped him out because I couldn’t bear to see them go to waste – and they were delicious. I had contemplated pancakes myself and almost regretted it, but there’s always next time!

Bacon, poached eggs and smashed avocado on sourdough toast
Instead, I had BAE – that’s bacon, eggs and smashed avocado on sourdough toast. The eggs were perfectly poached, with the ooziest, yellowest centres. The bacon was very much to my liking too – so crispy! It was all really delicious, and surprisingly filling – I couldn’t fault it at all.

Breakfast bap with a side of mini hash browns, and an Americano
Ash chose the breakfast bap. There’s a choice of bacon or sausage, but if you can’t choose (and why should you), there’s the option of bacon, sausage and egg in the bap, with a side of mini hash browns (for an additional charge – I think it’s like £2). And that’s what he did – it looked incredible too! I just love that crispy bacon… but the mini hash browns looked delicious and I wish I’d asked to try one.

Everything on the menu has its calories listed – even the kids’ menu – so you know what you’re eating. It’s all about balance, have a healthy breakfast and then treat yourself to something naughty from behind the counter! The Game Changer Kitchen pride themselves on super tasty food without all those extra guilt calories – everything is grilled or air-fried without oil, so there’s no need to worry about your waistline!

Did you also know that the Game Changer Kitchen Café are on UberEATS? This means you can get this wonderful food delivered straight to you. I highly recommend the café if you’re looking for somewhere with your ‘mum friends’, want a family breakfast/brunch, or even if you want a quick catch up over coffee and cake. They have your back no matter what the occasion. It’s a little gem worth knowing about, and I’m sure we will return soon.

Love, Lucy xx

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