Chelsea’s Monthly Melts Box Review – September 2020

Wax Melt box containing different products

It seems so long ago that I featured August’s box on here. Since, I’ve received two orders and just today, the postman delivered October’s box – which is a Halloween themed one. Since receiving the August box, Chelsea has branched out to offer different shapes and scents, as well as experimenting with colours.

September’s box cost £10, including P+P and included six products. So, what shapes and scents did I get to try?

  • Alien snap bar
  • Comfort Sweet Pea & Cherry Blossom snap bar
  • Tropical Twist love hearts
  • Blueberry Cheesecake love hearts
  • Summer Fresh waffle
  • Lime, Basil & Mandarin waffle

Holding onto summer…

I loved all the bright/pastel colours and summer scents in this box – the perfect way to still feel summery, as we transition into darker, colder days. Tropical Twist was a gorgeous exotic scent. My wax burners are quite deep, so I usually burn all 10 hearts at once. The Lime, Basil & Mandarin melts were lush – the scent was strong and long-lasting. The basil was subtle, with the zingy citrus notes more prominent – and the scent throw was incredible. It was one of my favourites, not only in the box, but of all-time.

And finally, we had Summer Breeze – a fresher, cleaner scent. I’m not sure what it was inspired by, whether it’s cleaning (like Zoflora or Duck) or laundry (Lenor or Comfort) – but I loved it. It was perfect for the living room… does anyone else decide on their scent by room? I split the waffles in half to save some for another day!

Pastel vibes and sweet smells…

Onto my absolute favourite scent now – the Comfort Sweet Pea & Cherry Blossom! Oh, it was dreamy – such a soft and soothing fragrance which filled the room. A mixture of sweetness and floral. I do love my laundry/cleaning dupes – I’ve made no secret of that – but the soft pink was beautiful, and the melted wax created the dreamiest pool. I’ve not yet burned the blueberry cheesecake hearts – but I’ll make sure they’re next on my list. I’ve currently gone back to old stock and have Twilight Garden (Zoflora) in the bedroom.

And the rest…

I can’t really comment on the Alien snap bar, as I gifted it. I’m not a fan of Thierry Mugler perfumes. And while I always love the sound of designer fragrance dupe melts, I find that perfume is such a personal thing, not everyone loves the same things. I mean, I could totally get on board with an Escada or Marc Jacobs wax melt – any vendors do these? But the fragrance-inspired scents are always quite strong and overwhelming so has to be one you actually like in perfume form, to want to burn.

As always, the box was excellent value and packaged beautifully. I’ve come across only my second (across all vendors) scent that I don’t like (and funny that it’s another perfume one) – but that’s still pretty good going! Now that the weather is changing, I can’t wait to make a start on the Halloween box. And just as a quick side note, Chelsea is looking for brand reps – check out her Insta grid or drop her a DM for more details.

Love, Lucy xx

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