The Game Changer Kitchen – Treat Box review

It was only last week that I introduced The Game Changer Kitchen on my blog, and in that post, I promised to share the Treat Box with you. This wasn’t a mystery or surprise box with all the products being listed beforehand, so I knew what to expect – and I wasn’t disappointed! Once again, the baked goods were delicious, and it wasn’t long before I purchased another Brownie box as soon as it was released. Keep your eyes peeled for that one soon, too. I had the last of that box this morning and I’m already toying with purchasing my next!

Anyway, back to the Treat Box. It was priced at £12 for six items – two cookies, two cupcakes and two brownies (well one brownie, one blondie). I couldn’t resist but tuck straight into the cookies, so I ate them first. I then ate the brownie and blondie and left the cupcakes ‘til last. Believe me when I say, they were still fresh! I thought the cupcakes would be my favourite, based on the flavours, which is why I had to save them. But actually, the brownie/blondie came out on top, and I’ll tell you why a bit later!

I love cookies but they’re so difficult to get spot-on. My favourites are usually Millie’s Cookies, or the ones you get in M&S. But nothing beats freshly baked ones – you know when you bite into them still hot, the outsides are crispy, and the middle is so soft. This is exactly what these were like – but obviously not warm. The flavours were Milkybar and Rolo. As I said before, you can’t go wrong with Milkybar and they were packed full of chocolate, with buttons on the top too. The Rolo cookies had mini Rolos on the top and the dreamiest caramel drizzle. I think I call all the drizzles dreamy, but they really are… I didn’t think I had a favourite until I tried the Kinder blondie earlier in the week and oh my! As far as sharing goes, I don’t think I shared a single product from this box – the treats were just that good.

I’ll save the best ‘til last so let’s move on to the cupcakes. There was a Jammy Dodger one and a Lotus Biscoff one. If you don’t think Biscoff is life, we cannot be friends. I am obsessed with the stuff and have made a mental note to pick up a jar of the spread on my next Tesco shop! Anyway, that cupcake was filled with Biscoff spread, with a drizzle on the buttercream and half a Lotus biscuit on the top. It was heavenly. There was no way of eating gracefully and I couldn’t help but pile it all in. The Jammy Dodger cupcake gave me all the Alice in Wonderland feels and wouldn’t have been out of place at a Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea. It was filled with strawberry jam, with a jammy drizzle on the buttercream and a mini Jammy Dodger biscuit on the top. Neither were sickly, and the sponge was still light and soft… although Alessandra couldn’t believe I saved them ‘til last!
But now onto my favourites of the Treat Box – the brownie and blondie. Look how cute and colourful the Funfetti blondie is. Wow, it was without a doubt my favourite product and I did wonder if a Funfetti traybake would be available… and then I tried the Kinder blondie! Like I say, it didn’t just look good, it tasted amazing too! Blondie with Oreos, a white chocolate fudge top and ALL the sprinkles. The Oreo crunch was so crumbly, but the fudgy top just held it all together nicely, so it wasn’t too messy to eat. I tried to make it last, but I found myself putting the next mouthful in before I had even finished the last. If that sounds too sickly sweet for you, then there was also a Snickers brownie, which was also lush. I loved that there was actual Snickers bar in the mix, so I took a bite and got all that peanutty caramel goodness. Again, like most of the brownies I’ve had, it wasn’t too rich or sickly – just right.

I’m hoping to blog the Brownie box again next week, so watch this space. And in the meantime, if you’ve not checked out The Game Changer Kitchen – why not?!

Love, Lucy xx

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