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It’s been a while since I posted a haul, and I genuinely had good intentions about posting my In the Style purchases over lockdown, but time ran away and then the weather changed. So, we have a toddler/kids haul instead. It’s basically everything I bought with Alfie’s birthday money – he’s now in 3-4 years clothing, so needed a whole new wardrobe… who am I kidding? I’m sure he still fits into 18-24 months tops!

I did it all online because it’s easier. The last couple of times we’ve taken him out (to Tesco and Matalan), he said he hated everything – even the Spiderman coat and Thomas the Tank Engine wellington boots! But I have to say, while I chose the Matalan bits, he picked out the two items from H&M. So, let’s get started.

Mt Tumble character pyjamasMr Tumble pyjamas - £11

I have my lovely friend Tamsin to thank for this one, as she messaged me on Facebook – possibly after seeing Alfie’s birthday cake. You can’t go wrong with character pyjamas, and Alfie loves these. They’re not too thin for A/W, but the material is really soft. The sleeves (both top and bottoms) are cuffed at the ends. Needless to say, as soon as they were opened and photographed, Alfie wanted to wear them. He even wants to wear them during the day, and we’ve already had the classic bedtime meltdown, when they were in the washing basket and couldn’t be worn.

Dinosaur top, I have the best mummy ever top, I have the best daddy ever topLong-sleeved dinosaur top - £4
Best mummy ever top - £4

Best daddy ever top - £4

The tops were all on a 3-for-2 offer, which was great value. When Alfie was younger, he had lots of tops with mummy on, but never daddy, which was fine with me – and he’s always been a mummy’s boy. But I thought I’d get one of each to level it out. They’re both quite thin, but can be easily layered, and it’s something he can just chuck on for nursery too. The dinosaur top was a no-brainer – he’s really into dinosaurs now. It’s a slightly thicker material but could still be layered if needed.

Two pairs of blue jogging bottoms2-pack basic joggers - £9

So, I was pretty disappointed with these – the colours advertised were black and khaki and I appear to have received two very similar (but not identical!) shades of blue. I had envisaged pairing the khaki pair with the dinosaur top too. The bottoms are cuffed, so are nice and secure around the ankles, but they don’t tie up around Alfie’s waist properly (it could be because there’s nothing to him!). But that aside, they fit OK, and they’re fleece-lined so super soft. I also had a 20% discount code so £7.20 for two pairs of joggers isn’t really that bad.

Mickey Mouse 2-piece set in yellow, and dungarees set with top
Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and joggers 2-piece set - £14.99
Mickey Mouse top and dungarees 2-piece set - £14.99

We previously bought Alfie a Mickey Mouse 2-piece set in navy from Next, and it’s possibly one of his favourite outfits – so I’m glad we managed to get a replacement. He loves yellow and is obsessed with Mickey Mouse. I think it stemmed from having a Mickey Mouse teddy at birth, and it’s since escalated to watching all the episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney+ (which has the catchiest theme tune, songs and catchphrases, btw). The set comes up quite big, but he’ll grow into it – and it washes really well. I can’t really comment on the dungarees set, as he’s not yet worn it… maybe tomorrow?

Can I just add that boys’ clothes aren’t actually that bad? I have grown to love shopping for Alfie – even if it is mainly dinosaurs, transport or Marvel designs. Any other boy mummas feel me?

Love, Lucy xx

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