Halloween Fun at The Secret Farm

a large hay bale person in a field with pumpkins

Okay, so maybe it isn’t completely a secret… but I’d never heard of The Secret Farm before, before my friend recommended it. Based in Moggerhanger, a village in Bedford, it was roughly a 40-minute drive from ours, but definitely well worth the drive – the Halloween event was so much fun!

Best of all, it was so well priced – at £3 per person, with free parking included in your admission. Some of the attractions came at a supplement (again £3 per person, and you could buy tokens from numerous outlets to spend on those attractions). Of course, you didn’t need to spend any more money if you didn’t need to – there were plenty of ‘included’ things to do and see.

And there was so much going on – unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do it all. On arrival, we were met with the giant haybale pumpkin farmer and so many pumpkins – in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. The pumpkin canon looked so much fun, although we didn’t give it a go. It was included in the admission, and you queued to load a pumpkin into the cannon before releasing it… watching it fly across the fields! It was quite loud and definitely gave a whole new meaning to smashing pumpkins! I’d never seen this before, so it was quite cool to see… although I did wonder what happened to the pumpkins after? Maybe left for wildlife to enjoy?

a child standing in front of a structure with pumpkins

We did the free haybale maze first (there was a much smaller one for the kids to enjoy, plus a larger one that had to be paid for with a token – but more on that later), before the boys decided to climb the haybale truck. We got a few photos at the super-cute pumpkin house and went to the eerie graveyard en route to where the giant tractor and barrel rides were. Both were priced at £3 per person and the boys rode the barrels… which started off slow (as they were stuck behind the tractor), before whizzing through the mud at full speed!

After that excitement, it was time for a quick refreshment (slushies and sweet cones for the boys, and I just got a bottle of water) – and we took shelter in the marquee where there were loads of fun fairground-style games to play, as well as space hoppers to bounce around on. We played hoopla with the witch’s hats, a ball toss game and ghost skittles (using a pumpkin as a ball). While all of the games had queues, and some children took longer than others to finish, it was nice to shelter from the wind, and also sit down for a bit.

a pumpkin head with a glowing face

The spooky maze was also in the marquee, so we purchased some more tokens, and all went around. It was dark inside and at every turn, there were some spooky characters – on motions sensors, so they came to life as we went past, to give us a fright… and they certainly did that! There were werewolves, clowns, jack-o-lanterns and so much more! I genuinely nearly cried at the clowns which reminded me a bit of It, but the spooky man who reached out with his bony claws was pretty terrifying too! I think by the end, Alfie was just going as fast as he could; he said it was scary!

Before we left, there was just enough time to check out he Ghost Bus-ters bus! It was well decorated from the outside, but we agreed more could have been done to the interior… although if you went up to the top floor, you could have sat and watched the classic film (which was playing on a loop). By the time we go there, the closing credits were on, which was a shame!

We didn’t buy any pumpkins, but it was so nice to visit somewhere new… we had loads of fun. It’s a shame that time isn’t on our side, as I would have loved to go back for the Christmas event, especially as there’s a Christmas market on – amongst other festive and fun activities and attractions.

Love, Lucy xx

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