No trickin’ just pumpkin pickin’ at The Patch MK

a child standing on a truck full of pumpkins
It’s become quite the annual tradition and one of my favourite places to go with Alfie… I am of course, talking about The Patch MK. We go twice a year – for the sunflowers (and wildflowers) and the pumpkins – and each year gets better and better, with so much more to do, see and enjoy. Mum joined us this year and even the typical late-October weather couldn’t spoil our fun.

What I hadn’t realised when I booked the tickets was that we were visiting on the last day of opening – but you wouldn’t have known, as there were still plenty of pumpkins and while torrential rain had caused copious amounts of mud, all the attractions and photo opps didn’t look well used or in need of a proper clean.

And as always, there were photo opps galore! We couldn’t help but pose at the entrance with the gorgeously autumnal harvest-style set-up. From there, we saw the combine harvester and tractor surrounded by pumpkins, as well as the spooky skull cauldron, by the food tent.

a group of pumpkins and wagon wheels

So many games

Despite the fact we hadn’t eaten lunch (I always knew a lovely hot sausage roll would be on the cards) and our entry slot was 1pm, Alfie wanted to play straight away! He went to the wall ball (which we didn’t get to play during sunflower season), where you had to use the pulleys to get the ball to the top, avoiding all the holes which would make the ball drop to the bottom again. We also went to the eerie graveyard to do the beanbag toss (also known as corn holes), but the bean bags were very sodden from the weather, the beans had expanded, and they didn’t smell great.

Other games included the fairground shy – Halloween style – with zombies and pumpkins to known down with juggling balls, and the giant Frankenstein Operation, which was so cool, but definitely harder than it looked.

a child playing a piano

Pitstop to heat up

Hot food and drinks were definitely needed, so we went to the food tent. Like last year, you could either order hot drinks from the coffee van, or alongside your food order for collection at the hatch (under the marquee). Mum and I both chose the chorizo and chilli sausage roll which was just lush (if a little spicy) alongside a PSL (of course, ‘tis the season… decaf for me, obv) and I also had a custard doughnut that I let Alfie have a bite of. It was all so tasty and enjoyed on a haybale, while Alfie played the Jack Skellington-themed piano. When it came to the food and drink though, I wanted it all!

a person and child standing under a sign

Back for 2023

There were all the usual favourites too, from the tractor barrel ride (Alfie had a go this year, and I think it was £3) to the small haybale maze and all the cute, themed photo opps. We saw how tall we were in pumpkins, climbed the witch’s broomstick, went to the PUMPKIN letters, the pumpkin house, and the pumpkin cage (complete with small table and chairs for posing), as well as the pumpkin truck from a popular film (I can’t remember which one, but I’m sure it was revealed on Instagram).

As far as the photo opps go, I love that so many of them are handmade and/or intricately decorated – and my favourite was the ‘love moon’ (super cute), but I have to mention that 100%, Alfie makes the best pumpkin kisser… we needed to stage this photo, but just look at him!

There was just enough time for us to pick our pumpkins and while there were plenty still out in the fields, there were a whole host of pre-picked ones in crates towards the exit – so many shapes, sizes, and colours to choose from! I love the more weird and wonderful ones, particularly for decorative purposes, but I ended up choosing a small-ish orange one for cooking with (I love a pumpkin pie) and a small dark green/black one for Alfie to decorate. Did you catch our masterpiece?

Before paying for our pumpkins and leaving, we quickly toasted marshmallows at the fire pits – another great way to warm up! There were also some cute Halloween decorative items and homeware by the tills… of course, Alfie was eyeing up all the sweet treats! We just purchased pumpkins, though.

As always, it was a lovely day at The Patch and further memories made! We love our little tradition, especially looking back at photos from yesteryear, and I definitely cannot wait to return next year with my little pumpkin!

Love, Lucy xx

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