All you can eat pizza at Amore Pizzeria, Leighton Buzzard

boy holding a paddle with a Nutella pizza, topped with marshmallowsWe’ve ordered pizza from Amore a few times now (love that you get a free pizza cutter with your takeaway, which also doubles up as a bottle opener), but have never actually eaten in. In fact, I hadn’t realised there was a restaurant – until a friend mentioned the ‘all you can eat’ evenings. As soon as I saw that (and the photos), I had to book.

It just so happened I was able to book the day before Ash’s birthday and with Alfie in tow (the pizza fiend), it became a no-brainer. Priced at £10 per person, it’s all you can eat pizza, cake and gelato – so just drinks to pay on top – amazing value!

The restaurant is super cosy, with around six tables, and the décor and tableware’s cute – giving off trattoria vibes. You can see the pizza oven and the chef making and cooking all the pizzas, which I loved. We were booked in for 6pm, and the offer runs between 5-9pm, but we were the last ones in the restaurant. I have to admit, I was expecting it to be busier, but the takeaway orders were flying out!

The concept was great. The waitress brought round pizza after pizza, until we said we were full. Each pizza was a half-and-half, which was ideal, as we could try a bit of everything and work our way through the menu. The chef was also on hand to take requests, and the table behind us were asked what they’d like… which became our first pizza! It was half cheese & ham, and half Hawaiian. And best of all, every slice was hot, fresh and delicious!

Plate with a slice of pepperoni pizza and a slice of garlic mushroom pizzaI started with Hawaiian – yes, pineapple belongs on a pizza! Ash had the same, and Alfie had cheese & ham. No photos sadly, as I was so hungry and just got stuck in. The ham was such good quality, nice and thick… we told Alfie it was bacon to get him to eat it! He didn’t understand the concept and just wanted to eat all the pepperoni pizza…

Luckily, that was next! We had pepperoni picante and garlic mushroom with truffle oil. I had a slice of each and then went back for another of the mushroom. I’m not averse to mushroom on a pizza, but I would never have thought of just having mushroom. It was so nice, especially with the hints of truffle.

Wooden paddle topped with four slices of margherita pizza and two slices of Italian sausage and caramelised onion pizza, with a pizza cutterAt this point, we were the only table still eating pizza – with everyone else either indulging in the desserts or already settling up – so the waitress put the whole pizza on our table. Half margherita and half salsiccia & caramelised onion, this time. I’m not a plain-anything fan, so don’t eat margherita pizza, but I had several slices of the sausage one which was SO good. The caramelised onions added a sweetness to the peppery, savoury sausage. The combination was divine. I think I ended up having three slices… and then had to stop eating pizza!

Even though the desserts were bottomless, I showed some restraint (kind of). I had a nata (Portuguese custard tart) and some cherry & vanilla gelato. There were several flavours of gelato on offer, as well as mini muffins, cakes, churros and even a Nutella pizza. That’s what Alfie chose and I can’t believe how big it was… I don’t think he could either. I wonder if there were more people eating dessert, the pizza would have been shared, similar to the savoury options. Topped with mini marshmallows, which he decided to pick off before having a slice and then deciding he was full – we were fortunately allowed to take it home in a takeaway box. I had a slice and it was delicious. He managed some chocolate ice cream after that, though!

Blue bowl with a Portuguese custard tart, and a red bowl with two scoops of cherry gelatoThe offer of bottomless pizza, cake and gelato runs daily – priced at £10 per person on Monday to Thursday, and then £20 per person on Friday to Sunday. Sometimes there’s an offer which includes prosecco, or other drinks too. You can find out more information on Instagram – also booking via their social channels or email. If you’re after a takeaway, download the app to find the latest deals and specials.

There’s no doubt we will return to eat in… how can you not when it’s such good value and super tasty food? Apparently, the record for the most slices of pizza eaten is 27, so we definitely won’t get close to that record – in fact, I’m not even sure we had that many between the three of us! I think I could do better than six next time…

Love, Lucy xx

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