Another Birthday Lunch at The Two Brewers, Chigwell

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Two years ago, I blogged about The Two Brewers and last month, I returned – this time, with Alfie. The restaurant area had changed a bit since then, with that gorgeously Instagrammable snug no more... but it was just as good as I’d remembered.

We were given the choice of eating in the restaurant or near the bar; I had no preference. But the area on the bar-side was lovely, with padded bench seating providing Alfie somewhere to sit once he was bored of the highchair, as well as the freedom to roam around a little bit more. He was really well behaved though, maybe with the bribery of a pudding!

Like our previous visit, mum had frequented the pub for her Christmas meal and so had the little envelope with a discount, to be opened at the time of asking for the bill. The discounts ranged from 25 to 100% and spoiler alert – we had 25% off again! I must add, the discount’s only for food and not drinks.

Our waitress was Chloe and was so friendly and ever-so-good with Alfie – she loved him! Nothing was too much trouble and I think had it not been so busy, she’d have spent more time at our table just chatting away and playing with Alfie.
Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Two Brewers, Chigwell, Essex, Food Blogger
Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Two Brewers, Chigwell, Essex, Food Blogger
To eat, I ordered the open prawn sandwich and a side of fries. I knew there was cake at mum’s and a takeaway of some kind was on the cards that evening, so didn’t want to be too full. That said, I had two lots of chips – but if you can’t on your birthday, when can you?! The sandwich was huge, on thick cut granary bread, piled high with juicy prawns in marie rose sauce. It actually came with crisps and a generous side salad too – no need for the fries (although Alfie ate them!). It was largely enjoyable because I never have prawns at home and it’s actually one of my favourite sandwich fillings.

Mum chose the rump steak sandwich, with Dijon tarragon mayo and fries. The ciabatta was large and the steak looked succulent. I have to admit, had I not had steak the day before, I’d have had certain food envy! Even Alfie tried a bit of the steak, too. He’s such a good little eater.

I don’t think there was a children’s menu, so I wasn’t too sure what to order for Alfie. Thankfully, there was a ‘starters, nibblers and things to share’ section and as my eyes scrolled, they were immediately drawn to sausages! Chloe brought a small side plate and plenty of napkins to the table, followed by a plate of honey & mustard coated chipolatas... there were six in all! Obviously, Alfie couldn’t eat them all, but it was a valiant effort and we took the leftovers back with us (he demolished them that evening). It’s such a mum thing to try your child’s dinner, but I just had to – the glaze was sticky but delicious and the sausages had been oven baked, so were lovely.
Pub, Restaurant, Review, The Two Brewers, Chigwell, Essex, Food Blogger
Mum and I were unsure whether to go for dessert and/or coffee but after a short pause and some entertainment from Alfie (see above!), we decided to go for it – and have both! Thankfully, we could order a smaller version of dessert with a hot drink and that seemed the best option. I opted for sticky toffee pudding and an Americano, while mum went for the toasted waffle with caramel sauce and a latte! No photos, as we tucked in immediately and were also too busy helping Alfie out – I’d ordered him a single scoop of apple sorbet, which he loved, before trying to eat everything in sight.

It took a while to settle up, by which point, Alfie had got bored and tried to wander through the bar... “not until you’re 18” came the response from Chloe who had managed to usher him back to our table. There’s never a dull moment! In all, it was a lovely afternoon: good food, congenial atmosphere, great company and a wonderful birthday!

Love, Lucy xx

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