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The Body Shop Advent Calendar (small) packaging
The Body Shop Advent Calendar (small) packaging

I had heard good things about The Body Shop Advent calendars, not least that they’re good value for money – and as a result, often get snapped up super quick. For the past few years now, I’ve been considering buying one and ahead of last Christmas, finally bit the bullet. Not only did I treat myself, but also surprised my mum and bought her one too! Let me tell you – they’re definitely worth the hype!

There were three to choose from:

  • Small (purple) – £55 with £77 worth of products
  • Medium (red) – £80 with £119 worth of products
  • Large (green) – £140 with £204 worth of products

Needless to say, I bought two of the small ones – after all, they were the most expensive Advent calendars I’ve ever purchased.

The packaging

Possibly the most beautiful Advent calendar I've ever seen. It was made from card and decorated like a festive house. The top layer had a flap which folded up while three figures sprung up in the foreground. Each product was inside its own box, with 12 boxes on each layer. It felt like Christmas Day everyday unboxing the goods.

While all the products were listed on the back, they weren’t in order so there was still the element of surprise – not knowing what you'd receive each day. The box also came in super handy for storing the products once opened. I've literally only just put it in recycling as I didn't want to throw it away. The packaging was beautiful and practical.

The products

  1. Strawberry hand cream (30ml)
  2. British rose shower gel (60ml)
  3. Pink grapefruit bath bubble
  4. Mini bath Lily
  5. Mango body butter (50ml)
  6. Banana shampoo (60ml)
  7. Watermelon lip balm (10ml)
  8. Pink grapefruit shower gel (60ml)
  9. Almond milk & honey hand cream (30ml)
  10. Coconut shower cream (60ml)
  11. Tea tree skin clearing facial wash (60ml)
  12. Vitamin C ‘Glow’ sheet mask
  13. Coconut bath bubble
  14. Coconut soap (100g)
  15. Strawberry shower gel (60ml)
  16. Banana conditioner (60ml)
  17. Moringa bath bubble
  18. Hair grips
  19. British rose exfoliating gel body scrub (50ml)
  20. Pink grapefruit hand cream (30ml)
  21. Almond milk & honey shower cream (60ml)
  22. Vitamin E ‘Quench’ sheet mask
  23. Mango shower gel (60ml)
  24. Shea body butter (50ml)

All the products from The Body Shop Advent Calendar

I was pleased to see a few of my favourite core ranges: strawberry, mango, and almond milk & honey – but also so many products I've been meaning to try. Two of those were the banana shampoo and conditioner, which I already love. My hair has become so dry from bleach, but it leaves it looking shiny and feeling super soft. I may have to invest in full size bottles of both.

I'm looking forward to trying the British rose body scrub. I try and exfoliate twice a week, and also dry brush. I don't think I've ever tried a product from this range as I usually go for the fruit scents, rather than florals – but I was actually really pleasantly surprised by the moringa range, so we shall see…

Also shout out to the coconut soap, which came in full size (100g). This was great, considering most of the items in the calendar were the smaller, or travel-sized items. Alfie also loves the bars of soaps and used most of the satsuma one that we had in the en suite. Needless to say, that went ages ago and has since been replaced with the coconut bar.

The verdict

A really nice mixture of products: hair, body, and skincare, with some accessories thrown in too. A range of scents to suit everyone, from fruits to florals. And also, as I mentioned, great value for money!

Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

Would I go for the next one up next time? I'm not sure.

Love, Lucy xx

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