Splurge vs Steal III

This month, I’m comparing body butters.
The Body Shop cocoa body butter - £13 for 200ml

Superdrug cocoa butter & vanilla body butter - £3.99 for 200ml

The Body Shop – this is a strong-smelling product, which is lovely and sweet. It has that creamy chocolatey smell, which lingers on the skin for hours after. I used to use Palmers and would say these are very similar

Superdrug – the mix of vanilla and cocoa in this product is very artificial. It reminds me of a cheap candle, with that waxy/plastic after smell. It doesn’t smell as bad once applied to the skin, but first impressions are not good

The Body Shop – smooth, rich and exactly like a butter should be. Easy to apply and it doesn’t feel greasy on the skin

Superdrug – this is more solid than the Body Shop product, making it more difficult to scoop from the tub. Again, this doesn’t feel greasy, but the top layer in the top has a weird film on it

The Body Shop – with this product, a little goes a long way. It’s deeply moisturising and too much leaves your skin feeling oily. The butter soaks into the skin quickly, leaving you deeply moisturised. I use this every other day

Superdrug – not as intense, you have to be more liberal with this butter; it’s not deeply hydrating so not good for dry skin. I wouldn’t use this on areas prone to dryness such as elbows and ankles. I think I only use this when my Body Shop tub has run out and I’ve not replaced it

The Body Shop – I always thought this body butter was expensive for what it effectively is, especially when you consider the cost of other brands like Nivea, Dove and of course, Palmers. It last for months though and is one of the best body butters on the market, in my opinion – particularly in terms of scent and moisturising qualities. There’s such a range of different scents too (I love the mandarin and in the summer, use the olive)

Superdrug – if you’re looking to save the pennies, there are so many other products around a similar price that are better, so I’d recommend those instead. I only bought this as I wasn’t going to a Body Shop store for ages and thought I’d try it out. I won’t be buying it again, as the quality just isn’t there

There’s only one winner here and that’s The Body Shop cocoa butter body butter!

Potential saving = £9.01
My saving so far = + £4.50

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