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Recently, I’ve been really getting into my skincare routine again. I’ve always been pretty good in the mornings, but in the evenings, there are times I just can’t be bothered to do much more than remove my make up with a baby wipe. I’ve also decided to take more ‘me time’ and indulge with face masks, exfoliating and more.

Since having Alfie I’ve really noticed a difference with everything – my nails are a lot more brittle than they were and can’t withstand gel polish; my skin is generally oily one minute and dry the next; and I get really bad itchy leg syndrome at night (something I’ve had since pregnancy), leaving me with dry and irritated skin. Thankfully my hair’s loads better than it was, but I’m holding that down to a recent cut and re-style. A colour is surely next on the agenda?

Anyway, I’ve always loved The Body Shop products – it started out as a child when we’d buy the vanilla ice cream bubble bath, the bath pearls and fruit-scented sprays. Since then, my preferences have changed, but the gift sets always make great, well, gifts. I ended up splurging on loads of new products and thankfully had the advice and recommendations of a Body Shop at Home consultant – Gemma. She was so knowledgeable and helped choose products that relate to my skin concerns. But her Facebook page is fab, full of offers, competitions and general chat. It was the first time I’d bought through a consultant, rather than direct – but on this occasion, it worked out cheaper (even factoring in postage & packaging). I even got a couple of samples with my order. I have since bought directly from the shop, but the two entities have different offers and discounts and in my opinion, it’s worth weighing up your options.
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The Virgin Mojito body butter is perfect for dry skin. Containing lime and mint extracts, it obviously smells amazing and very much like the summertime cocktail. My legs are always dry and often itchy and irritated – understandably scented products often make it worse, including the Body Shop banana body butter, but I’ve found even things like baby lotion or E45 aren’t much better. I’ve really struggled to find something that works, but this really does. I usually apply this in the evenings if I know I’m going to struggle to sleep, or my skin is feeling particularly sore. It soaks into the skin well and the scent is just so dreamy.
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Similarly, the Fuji green tea body lotion is hydrating and cooling on the skin. I’m more inclined to use this after a shower or bath, to re-hydrate my skin, using it all-over. This is different in texture to the butter, but works in much the same way. Green tea obviously has loads of benefits and I drink green tea regularly too. Also from the green tea range, I picked up a pot of the body scrub. I’m yet to use this, as I’ve got two other scrubs to get through first (one of which is the Body Shop coconut body scrub) – but I really need to get back to exfoliating twice a week. Next on my list is a body brush. After having the most amazing salt & oil scrub at Stratford Manor, I just know it’ll revitalise me.

Tea tree is great for blemished skin and I’ve noticed such a different since working in an office – particularly during the summer months with the contrast of air-con and outsides temperatures. My skin is oilier, pores open and even when I use setting spray, my make up refuses to stay put all day, with my t-zone the most affected. I’ve been using the pore minimiser after cleansing and toner in the morning, almost using it like a primer as a base for my makeup. I’ve honestly found this product to be a revelation – and the scent isn’t as strong as you’d expect with tea tree oil. My makeup has been staying in place better, pores aren’t as clogged and even look reduced, my skin has been clearer and the tone is more even.
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Finally, we have the seaweed oil-balancing clay mask, which is something that Gemma recommended for oily skin. I generally use products for combination skin (like my trusty Clarins cleanser and toner), but I love a face mask and rarely use clay ones. She suggested using it once a week to treat and clear the skin. The mask is easy to apply, dried quickly and removed with ease... even if I looked like Ursula from The Little Mermaid while it was on. Once removed, my skin was clear, smooth and felt so soft – success! I’ve decided this will be my midweek treat.

I was really pleased with my little haul, which came in at just over £30, including delivery. The body butter was limited edition, so may not be available in all stores anymore, but you shouldn’t have a difficulty finding everything else. If I can get my hands on the body butter again, I definitely would; while the clay mask and pore minimiser are two products I’d definitely keep in my routine.

What are you favourite The Body Shop products?

Love, Lucy xx 

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