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Field of sunflowers
Little boy from the back walking through sunflower field

Sunday 23 August 2020

Are you even a Milton Keynes Blogger/Instagrammer if you didn’t go to Patch MK? Usually better known for housing the pumpkin patch in October, Mount Mill Farm in Wicken welcomed us with sunflower season. After three attempts, we finally got tickets.


I have to admit, while I was excited about finally going – having seen so many photos and reviews on social – I wasn’t totally sure it was going to be as beautiful as the filters portrayed. I’d spoken to a friend who visited after we had the heatwave and she said the poor sunflowers had been scorched – much like the one in our garden, we’ve since cut down. But surely a week of cooler temperatures and rain will have revitalised the patch?

The Patch itself

Well I was right about the first field – the sunflowers had certainly seen better days. But luckily, the field had transformed into a sunflower maze – adding another attraction. Alfie loved running through and picking up remnants of flowers. We even found a #ribbonsofreflection, which was super cute!

But there was still the second field, which was in much better condition. The flowers here looked beautiful – a swarm of yellow, adding some brightness to an otherwise dreary day. We didn’t go on to pick any, sadly, but I believe they were £2 a flower. There was even a viewing bridge so you could get that perfect birds-eye view shot – or even a photo with that gorgeous summery backdrop. Alfie modelled it well!

Mum and son on a barrel tractor ride
Little boy on a red tractor

Other attractions

We paid to go on the barrel ride – it was £2.50 each, and Alfie and I went on together. We were the only people being pulled along, and it soon seemed a bad idea when it started to rain. But it was so much fun – although at some points, I felt like I was getting motion sickness from all the bumps in the terrain. Alfie enjoyed it, I think – he didn’t say too much. There wasn’t too much room in the barrels, and I did wonder what it would be like if there were more people being pulled along.

And if I thought he loved that, then he loved the real-life tractor more! It was incredibly popular with all the kids, and often there were queues to have a go and take photos. We returned three times, because Alfie couldn’t get enough, he kept saying “more tractor” – and we eventually had to bribe him with ice cream. There was a small van selling ice creams and refreshments, and a barbecue, where you could buy burgers and grilled corn (amongst other things).

Other things to do were the small wheat maze and the giant haybales. The bales were suited to older kids, although Alfie asked to climb on them… he wanted to climb to the top, but there were a few too many children playing (and I didn’t fancy climbing up in my dress). I was also terrified he would fall – it would be a long drop – and I wasn’t too far wrong when he started running around!

Overall thoughts

The weather didn’t spoil our afternoon, and other than on the haybales, which were always crowded, social distancing wasn’t an issue at all. Including ticket admission and all the add-ons, we ended up spending £22.55, which isn’t too bad for an afternoon out – but I believe when it’s pumpkin season, admission is free. I can’t wait to book that up and pick my pumpkin…

Love, Lucy xx

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