The Last Brunch at Nonna’s, Woburn Sands

It’s crazy to think a fortnight ago, we were sitting in Nonna’s, having a late breakfast/brunch – and now they’ve been forced to close their doors as a restaurant. Thankfully, they are still serving Milton Keynes delicious food, courtesy of the takeaway service and don’t let me forget their fabulous shop – the only place I have been able to get eggs! But I must return for all the cannoli, Tracy’s cakes and all the Mediterranean delights! Damien has been brilliant through it all, and every day, their social channels are being updated to keep everyone in the know.

Anyway, Ash’s auntie gave us a voucher for our birthdays and as I’d booked the day off work, and Alfie was at nursery, we decided to have a date day. Of course, at the time, we didn’t realise it would be our last for a very loooong while. I was also reluctant to use the voucher, given the circumstances and when it came to paying, I said I was happy to pay by cash or card, but our waitress said there was no problem with using the voucher. Of course, I raided the deli after (for all the cannoli, and Maltese Twistees).
I had only ever eaten in the restaurant, a meal out with the girls, so I had no idea about the front entrance, or the deli. The brasserie was super cute; it really has those Med cafe vibes. We grabbed a table and delved into the menus... although everyone knows what I’m like and I knew what I was ordering, having already looked online...
I don’t avocado with added crispy smoked bacon. It was delicious and totally set me up for the day. I mean I must have enjoyed it because I ate it in record speed (coming from the slowest eater ever) and even Ash commented! Two perfectly poached eggs atop a slice of sourdough, covered with smashed avocado and a hint of chilli, plus vine-ripened tomatoes. All washed down with a large cappuccino. I’m already anticipating my return and think brunch with the girls is a must when this blows over – especially as they serve breakfast cocktails too!
Ash chose the full English, which looked equally as tasty. He chose scrambled egg, and fresh tomatoes over tinned. He was definitely full by the end: two rashers of bacon, two sausages, two pieces of sourdough, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms and beans – so much food! I tried some of the sausage, which was lovely, so meaty – apparently, it was pork, sage and oregano – but it was delicious.

I have to mention the full English breakfast pizza the girl on the next table had. It was massive – and she managed to eat it all. But it just looked dreamy AF and I definitely had food envy... but there’s no way I’d have eaten more than half! There’s also a menu for the little ones and I’ll probably have to take Alfie for breakfast/brunch at some point because they’ve got his favourite: sausage and beans! I think all my celebratory meals will be at Nonna’s – where will you go first?

Keep up to date with the latest news on their Facebook page. But please remember not to contact them via social media (or email) to place your order for takeaway food – phone only. Their number is: 01908 584397. I’m already thinking about a cheeky lil takeaway pizza soon... or that seafood fregola!

Nonna’s, you never disappoint!

Love, Lucy xx

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