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When was the last time you had a date day or night? We managed to get out for a Thai in October, in between lockdowns, but prior to that, it was four days before the first lockdown – so coming up to a year ago now. We had a lovely brunch at Nonna’s, followed by a couple of rounds of indoor crazy golf.

But that has now changed, thanks to Letterbox Dating. I was the very lucky winner of their Instagram competition and got to choose between their Movie Date or Spa Date boxes. I chose the former, but definitely need to buy the latter soon. Both boxes are priced at £40, plus delivery and are available on Etsy.

The box contains everything you will need for the perfect Movie Date night at home, including:

  • DIY projector kit (white sheet, magnifying glass and playdoh) 
  • Den making kit (bunting, fairy lights and pegs) 
  • Joe and Seph’s popcorn, with popcorn holder 
  • Jelly Belly beans, in Cotton Candy 
  • Strawberry Twizzlers 
  • Artisan cola, with retro straws 
  • Movie card game 
  • Date Night guide

A Letterbox Dating Production

The guide to the Movie Date night was so impressive – it mirrored the kind of programme you get when you go to the theatre, and such high-quality too. It was packed full of the vital information you need for a successful date night, plus some wonderful added extras.

There was a step-by-step guide to building a perfect den. We decided against that, this time, mainly due to needing to rearrange the furniture while Alfie was still awake… don’t worry, he went to bed before the movie started! We have so many blankets, we will have to give it a go another time. We still put up the bunting and fairy lights for a bit of atmosphere.
Movie Date night at home

Then, there was a guide to making the DIY projector. This involved using the cardboard box everything came in, so I emptied it out and was in charge of snacks, while Ash made it. The guide was really easy to follow – and it was as simple as cutting a hole for the magnifying glass, slotting that in and securing it with the playdoh, and then arranging the phone and picture to be projected. We also tried with the sheet but had nowhere really to properly hang it – other than on our French doors – so we went with screening the movie against the blank wall in the living room.

This was the hardest part, ensuring the picture was big enough and clear enough. Of course, it wasn’t like watching a film on the big screen (at home, or the cinema) but it was retro – and I loved it. Perhaps, not suited for a film like La La Land, but it would be perfect for an old classic – something like Casablanca or Gone with the Wind. Maybe we’ll try it again?

All You Need is Snacks

If we have a film night at home, the likelihood is, we’ll have snacks! And when it comes to snacks of choice, we aren’t fussy and quite often mix it up – breadsticks, popcorn, crisps, those pouches of chocolates, ice cream (always a Cornetto), or often, in my case, pick n mix… sometimes a combination of any of the above!

Thankfully, Letterbox Dating had us covered and we were snacked out, by the end! Who am I kidding? We ate them all within the opening 10-15 minutes! I used to be obsessed with Joe & Seph’s popcorn, often buying multiple pouches at a time – I think they used to have a deal for five or six of your choosing – and their flavour combinations are just unreal.

Sweets are always a winner, and we had a taste of the States with Jelly Belly beans and classic Twizzlers. They didn’t last long, let me tell you! And to wash it all down, an artisan cola! I’m not really a fizzy drink person, but fancy fizzy drinks are a whole other story. The cola was beautiful, quite sweet with a botanical taste – and it reminded me of Fentimans. Unfortunately, the cola bottles and straws didn’t agree, and there was a bit of a fizz explosion. 

Date night popcorn and sweets

And the cute extra touches

What I’m yet to mention are the mini packs of Love Hearts that filled every gap in the box, and of course, the wonderful movie trivia game. It’s in the smallest box, so perfect for taking to a friend’s, or travelling – when we can finally do either of those things again!

But also, that guide I mentioned – full of fabulous information to make the most of your date night experience. As soon as you open it, you’re met with two cocktail suggestions, using the cola. I class myself a bit of a cocktail connoisseur, and I’m yet to try them.

If you’re looking to coincide your night at the movies (at home) with a meal beforehand, why not check out the film-inspired recipes. You could tuck into a romantic bowl of spaghetti & meatballs a la Lady & the Tramp or get a taste of Forrest Gump’s Bubba Shrimp. There’s also Bruce Bogtrotter’s chocolate cake for pudding. Food for thought…

And if you’ve exhausted Netflix over these past few months, or don’t have the energy to delve through your DVD collection, there are also some film recommendations. As I said, we went with La La Land, which is included amongst the suggestions. We hadn’t seen it before, and while I don’t think it was totally worth the hype, anything with Ryan Gosling in, is always a winner in my books!

Everything was packaged beautifully, so inviting. And delivery was 48 hours I’m sure. I highly recommend Letterbox Dating’s date night boxes, and like I say, cannot wait to indulge myself with a spa evening.

Love, Lucy xx

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