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I’m so behind on these posts, as we’ve had our four-box offer, a fifth box from our refunds, and a sixth box that we paid full price for. I’ve since paused our deliveries for the next couple of weeks, while we get through items from the freezer.

This box wasn’t without its hitches – I didn’t receive any recipe cards, so had to rely on the Hello Fresh app to make each meal. Not the end of the world, but it took twice as long to cross-check the items in each bag and when it came to actually cooking, I couldn’t find all the required measurements.

But that aside and more importantly, what did I cook this week?

A bowl of creamy mushroom pasta

Monday:        Creamy truffle and mushroom rigatoni, with tenderstem broccoli and walnuts

Random fact about me – I love truffle. This was super rich, so I was in my element. It really elevated would have otherwise been a mushroom pasta dish. It was really easy to make and for something so simple, was so delicious. The walnut topping added a lovely crunch.

I rated this dish 3/4

A bowl of Asian pork and green beans with rice

Tuesday:       Thai-style pork rice bowl, with green beans and coriander

This was my dish of the week! Ketjap manis is an incredible find I have to thank Hello Fresh for. It seems to be any Asian-inspired dish, or stir-fry – yet I’ve never found it in the supermarket! It marinated the minced pork beautifully. I would definitely make this again and would be inclined to try it with minced chicken or turkey.

I rated this dish 4/4

A plate of chicken and mushroom stew with mashed potato

Wednesday:   Chicken red wine jus and mushroom stew, with cheesy mash

A proper winter warmer, which is perfect for this time of year. I love casseroles and stews – especially with heapfuls of mash. You can’t go wrong with chicken and mushroom, what a classic combo. The green beans added a much-needed burst of colour, as well as nutrition. The mash wasn’t too cheesy, either.

I rated this dish 3/4

A bowl of lamb and lentil curry with rice and spinach

Thursday:      North Indian style lamb and lentil curry, with turmeric rice and spinach

I was really looking forward to this dish and I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I found the flavours quite bland, and while I’m not a fan of a super-hot curry, the spice was quite underwhelming. I don’t think it helped that the textures were all quite samey – because of the lentils, I think the curry would have been better accompanied with naan, rather than rice.

I rated this dish 2/4

A plate of chicken chow mein

Friday:           Chicken thigh chow mein, with peppers and green beans

Ending on a high with a Fakeaway Friday. I always love the Hello Fresh noodle dishes and I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one, or one I don’t like. The chicken chow mein was no different. There was more than plenty for two. The marinade contained one of my favourite ingredients: Ketjap manis. I really need to check out one of the local Asian supermarkets soon, to get my hands on it (and some other goodies, of course). While I awarded it top marks, I think I needed to add a chopped peanut garnish for a bit of crunch and saltiness.

I rated this dish 4/4

I’ve got two offers to share – either a free box, or a £20 discount on your first order. If you’re interested, hit me up on socials (links below) with your name and email address, and I’ll make sure you get the offer sent.

Love, Lucy xx

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