Getting my (takeaway) sushi fix with King Sushi

Platter of softshell crab sushi rolls  Platter of katsu chicken sushi rolls
I was over the moon when I found out that “our side of Milton Keynes” was getting a sushi takeaway. I’ve heard so many good things about Akasaka and more recently, Legend One, but there’s finally somewhere a little closer – King Sushi. Their unit is based in Leighton Buzzard, so only a 10-minute drive from us – but I believe they deliver to Newton Leys on a Tuesday.

When I lived in Brentwood, there were fabulous little sushi places – my favourite was always an independent called Sushi City. I’ve looked back and I last featured sushi on my blog in 2016 (Buddha-Bar in Knightsbridge for my birthday) – but it’s amongst my favourite cuisine! I just love it… when it’s done right!

Back to King Sushi now. I found out about them on our estate Facebook page, but I soon went to their page and downloaded the menu. To place an order, I contacted them via Facebook. I pre-ordered, confirmed delivery and the method of payment. But the website is now up and running – and card payments are available (it was only cash or BACS at the time I ordered (and wrote this post!)).

But let’s get onto the food. I ordered for the three of us, so ordered quite a bit and a mixture of things, that would cater to Alfie’s palate too. Sadly, he didn’t play ball and just picked. I chose:

  • Pumpkin korokke (4 piece) - £3.99 
  • Chicken gyoza (5 piece) - £4.90 
  • Cucumber maki (6 piece) - £2.50 
  • California roll uramaki (8 piece) - £5.50
  •  Chicken katsu futomaki (6 piece) – £6.50 
  • Softshell crab futomaki (6 piece) - £7.50
Platter of fried chicken gyoza with sweet chilli sauce
Platter of pumpkin korokke with sweet chilli sauce
Firstly, everything was presented beautifully, complete with edamame beans, pickled ginger, wasabi and dipping sauces (soy, sweet chilli, katsu…I think that was all). But the rolls were cut on my arrival and that’s when the hot items were cooked too – so it was all fresh. Amazingly, it stayed warm by the time I arrived home and served up too – there’s nothing worse than soggy dumplings, or worse, soggy softshell crab!

The pumpkin korokke was beautiful. Soft and sweet pumpkin, encased in crispy panko breadcrumb, deep fried to perfection. Sweet chilli sauce was the perfect accompaniment, to add a bit of heat. I am a lover of dumplings, whether that’s gyoza or dim sum – but I always prefer crispy/fried dumplings to steamed, so these ticked all my boxes. The chicken gyoza were delicious – the flavours were so fresh and aromatic, the chicken minced finely. They were just as tasty on their own, as they were in dipping sauce. I would definitely order these again, whether I was ordering sushi or hot food.

Softshell crab is my all-time favourite, I just love it – and the softshell crab futomaki was divine. Like I said, it was still so crisp and the crabmeat itself, so succulent. I also chose the katsu chicken futomaki, with Alfie in mind. It came with a really moreish sauce – to me, it tasted more like a fruity curry sauce than katsu, but it was so delicious! The chicken was cooked well, and the addition of avocado was spot-on, adding a softer texture. Given their size, six slices were a really generous portion.

Cucumber Maki platter with soy sauce and sushi rolls in the background
California sushi rolls, covered in orange caviar

In my opinion, there are two sushi staples: cucumber maki and California rolls – so I had to order both. The cucumber maki was fresh, with grated slices of cucumber. It’s my go-to in terms of veggie rolls usually. Similarly, I just love the combination of crabmeat and avocado in California rolls – and these were done so right! Juicy crab, and lots of it, with soft avocado – it’s a dream duo. Like everything else, it was just so fresh and tasty… I honestly couldn’t fault any of the food.

And if that wasn’t enough – we were kindly gifted a packet of dorayaki. Matcha (green tea) pancakes sandwiched together with a red bean paste filling. It was a lovely end to a delicious meal – and such an unexpected but welcomed touch from King Sushi. It wasn’t until late that I realised the desserts section of the menu, so I might just have to order some mochi next time. I would absolutely order again – there are so many other rolls and set menus to try, not least the hot options too – I think a bowl of seafood ramen will be next on my list! Maybe a katsu curry with rice for Alfie?

You can also find King Sushi on Facebook and Instagram.

Love, Lucy xx

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