Mummy Diaries | A summery picnic and walk around Rushmere Park

Sunday 9 August 2020

Oh my gosh, I’ve just looked back, and I featured Rushmere Country Park on my blog back in November 2017 – literally weeks after we moved. We have been back since then, several times in fact, it’s just never been documented. But I don’t think we’ve ever been during the height of summer.

Not only do we have a complete change of scenery, but we have a completely different Alfie. No buggy needed this time – instead we packed the balance bike and helmet – and the terrain was perfect for riding. Not that he went around the whole time on the bike, we had to alternate between bike, walk and carry.

Parking was easy, like it usually is. I think we went into the overflow, but it’s still £3 for the duration of your visit. Thankfully, where it used to be cash (and the correct change) only, you can now pay by card, and I think Apple Pay.

We took a picnic, as the weather was gorgeous – and a lot of people had the same idea. Thankfully, the space is so open, and we were able to socially distance ourselves from other families, as well as secure a shady spot under a tree. Despite seeing online that barbecues aren’t permitted at this time, there was one group that were BBQing – and another were having a party. Like a full-on actual party – speakers, dancing, the lot… each to their own, I guess! I was just grateful for some family time and a picnic lunch in the fresh air!

During our walk, Alfie loved stopping to see all the fairy doors. He’s so funny, he would go right up close and say things like “Hello… is anybody in there?” and we had to constantly bribe him by saying the next stop would be better than the last. We certainly walked a lot further than our previous visits though – I’ve always stuck to the same route, as my sense of direction is terrible – although it was still only about 3km, according to my pedometer app, anyway.

We followed the sculpture trail, but there are so many different routes and paths to take – some are even restricted to bicycle only, so we’ll have to wait a few more years for that. But with over 400 acres of land to explore, it’s easy to spend a whole day there… and it’s somewhere I think I should spend more time, as it’s so local.

As a heads up, at the time of our visit, the Treetops Café was closed, but both hatches are open and available for food and drink to be purchased for takeaway – there’s also a limited menu. Don’t panic, the toilets are in operation.

We even stopped off on the way home for a drink at The Three Locks, which was lovely. Alfie loved watching the barges. The Covid measures in place were among the best I’ve seen at a local pub too.

Love, Lucy xx

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