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Cardboard box full of sweets, chocolate and fudge in wrappers

I think everyone knows by now that I have a sweet tooth – and my go-to treats are pick n mix. They always have been. From the days we used to buy tubs in Makro with mum, to Uni trips to Brent Cross with the girls. I have been known to eat 1kg in a month. I’ve followed The Candy Hub on Instagram for a while now – a recommendation from Katie who I’ve also followed for years, through blogging. I’d been meaning to put an order in, but for all the other sweet treats that needed to be eaten first. It was worth holding out for!

The Candy Hub have an insane collection of treat and sweet boxes – ranging from pick n mix, to fudge and chocolate, as well as mixed boxes. If you’re on Slimming World, you’re in luck – there’s two options: a 7-syns and under box, and a 10-syns and under box. Everything in a wrapper is labelled up with the number of syns it contains – allowing you to treat yourself without feeling guilty or knowing how many syns you need to save for the day to indulge.

I chose the lil bit of everything box, which was exactly that – and more! Having read the contents on the website, I feel like I did alright. I got a bag and a pouch of pick n mix, a bag of fudge and chocolate, a variety of chocolate bars (and treats), various sweets and chew bars. Like I said, everything was labelled up – except the pick n mix and fudge bags (but who’s counting?). The box was the perfect size, beautifully packaged and full to the brim.

A mixed bag of chocolate and fudge, nostalgic sweets like jazzies and chocolate mice
The chocolate and fudge bags were incredible – a random mix of fudge cubes and all the ‘old school’ chocolate. I felt so nostalgic eating jazzies, chocolate mice and ice cream cones! But above all, there was my favourite – chocolate coated fudge crunch. If you don’t stock up on that in your Candy King cup, we cannot be friends. I’m half tempted to jump straight back on the site and order a few more bags of it. The fudge is chosen at random and I feel like there are a few more varieties I need to try.

The selection of sweets and chocolate was really good as well. It wasn’t just chocolate bars (like the white Lion bar and Freddo), but a packet of mini Oreos, a Toffee Crisp biscuit (99kcal) and some Kinder bits as well. The gummy burger and hotdog gave me all the 90s kid feels, and I’d not had Millions for probably over a decade! I’m not ashamed to say that the box didn’t even last a fortnight… I had two treats every working day. Thank goodness I’m not on Slimming World or trying to lose weight.

Over the weekend, I saw that The Candy Hub also stock Biscoff sauce – in 1kg bottles. I think need that in my life too… even if I pour it down my neck, straight from the bottle! But in all seriousness, what do I order next?!

Love, Lucy xx

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