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The second post in my series and incidentally, it was Alessandra from The Game Changer Kitchen that introduced me to Little Aromas and got me hooked. She had put up an Insta story of her haul, mentioning how amazing and speedy delivery was, and I immediately placed my first order online… before making a second in quick succession.

Little Aromas is run by Sarah, and she makes the most gorgeous (looking and scented) wax melts, using glitter for that added glam factor. I have always preferred to burn oils rather than wax because it always ends up being such a messy clear-up, but I was obviously not using the right wax! I’ve been keeping my oil burner in the kitchen and using my wax melt burner upstairs in the office – where I spend most of the working week. It means I can use it every day, too!

I only bought snap bars in my first order – and you can either buy a regular bar for £2.70 which contains 10 squares of wax, or the extra-large bar for £3.90 which contains 24 squares. I bought regular bars because I wanted to try the scents, but going forward, I’d be inclined to buy the bigger bars as you get much more for your money.

I was immediately drawn to the Cherry Bakewell which was the first product I burned, it smells lush! The scents are so long-lasting too. As I mentioned, I burn them every day and even by the end of the week, the smell is still there… I always use a new product at the start of the next week, so can’t comment on how long they do last, but a week is still good – I just like to change things up, or else I get bored. I also bought Strawberry & Kiwi, which gives me all the summer feels. I’ve not yet tried it, but I’ve smelt it, and it’s divine – it reminds me of that Robinson’s squash, or Snapple! I also wanted to try Strawberry & Rhubarb, which again smells so nice through the plastic. I’m a bit rhubarb-obsessed at the minute so I know I’ll love it – but again it’s a lovely fruity, sweet scent perfect for summer.

With each order, you receive a scratch card and I was lucky enough to win a free wax melt with my order, which made me want to place a second instantly. I decided to treat myself to a Mystery Box and paid £15 for the medium-sized one (it’s £10 for small and £20 for large) – and I’m certain I received more than £15 worth of products! The particular products and scents you will receive will be random/unknown, but if there’s any you really don’t like (or really love), you can specify it in the notes and Sarah will do her best to accommodate.
In my Mystery Box, I was sent:
·         Candyfloss & Marshmallow brittle
·         Winter Pine snap bar
·         Sweet Peach snap bar
·         Candyfloss & Marshmallow 2oz pot
·         Frosted Candy Apple cute skull
·         Parma Violet love hearts
·         Pink Sugar cupcake
·         Cherry Bakewell cupcake
·         Salted Caramel duck

And my free wax melt was a Dreamy unicorn.

I loved the mixture of products and scents, but I can’t help but think Sarah knows me well – all those pretty pink products scented with sugar! I’ve smelt most of them through the packaging and have to say, I don’t think there’s one I dislike. I’m currently burning the Parma Violet love hearts and while I really cannot stand the taste of the sweets, the smell of this melt is alright. It’s relaxing and there’s nothing I love more than sitting at my desk, working away while this scent fills the room. I also burned both hearts at the same time… to me, it looked as though one wouldn’t be strong enough!

Otherwise, I’ve only burned the Frosted Candy Apple skull and oh my gosh, it’s so gorgeous! The label was missing so I contacted Sarah to see if she could decipher what it was and from the photo I sent, she managed to guess! I can’t even describe what it smells like… it’s kinda fruity, with a burnt sugar (either caramel or marshmallow) aroma. But it’s my favourite so far!

I’m looking forward to burning the Candyfloss & Marshmallow products. As a lover of all things sweet, especially Lush’s Snow Fairy, I know this will be right up my street. I’m going to save Winter Pine ‘til last, or maybe even hold on to it for autumn/winter. This time of year calls for all the summer scents!

With my second order, I received another scratch card, and another free melt with my next order. I’ve not yet placed it, but there doesn’t appear to be an expiry date on it. Sarah has said she’s releasing more new scents, so I’m holding out for when they are all announced before placing another order… I’ve got plenty of products to be getting on with in the meantime.

Other than the quality of the products and the prices, the one thing that impressed me the most was the speed of delivery. Both my orders came within 18 hours of me placing them, which is just incredible. Okay, so Sarah doesn’t live too far from me, but even still, I wasn’t expecting delivery that fast – especially in these times. When I thanked Sarah for my second delivery, she said it could have been fulfilled same day which is just incredible.

Whether you’re MK-based or further afield, I’m highly recommending Little Aromas. Beautiful wax melts, which smell good enough to eat (or drink) and if you’re not a fan of wax melts (why wouldn’t you be?!), they make the most gorgeous gifts! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Love, Lucy xx

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