The Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie Recipe

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I am so excited to be sharing this post this evening – hand on heart, these will be the best brownies you’ve ever tasted! The peanut butter makes them, but obviously you can omit it – they will still be ridiculously rich and gooey. I made these for the first time for my birthday, to take into work and they were very well received. I need to make them again! The image above is the recipe I tried the previous year – this one is miles better, so good I forgot to take a photo.

This recipe makes 24.

·         200g dark chocolate
·         100g softened unsalted butter
·         250g caster sugar
·         4 eggs
·         1 tsp vanilla essence
·         60g plain flour
·         60g cocoa powder
·         3 tsp crunch peanut butter

·         Preheat the oven to gas mark 5
·         Break up the dark chocolate and melt in a bain marie. Remove and leave to cool
·         Combine the butter and sugar in a bowl, mixing until fluffy. Add the eggs and vanilla essence
·         Spoon in the melted chocolate and stir. Add the flour and cocoa powder, combine
·         Spoon the mixture into a lined or greased tin (I used two small loaf tins) and spread evenly
·         Melt the peanut butter in the microwave for about 20 seconds and pour on the top, swirling into the mixture with a palate knife
·         Cook for 25 minutes, or until firm to the touch. The chocolate will continue to cook, even when out of the oven, so don’t worry if they are a bit fudgy
·         Leave to cool on a wire rack, before cutting into squares

These brownies will last for three-four days in an airtight container, but I don’t think anyone could keep them that long!

Please let me know if you try this, or any of my other recipes.

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. They look and sound SO good. I hate peanut butter so I'd swap that for salted caramel but either way they sound ace! X


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