Lockdown Skincare Routine – the day edit

If you caught my last post earlier in the week, you’ll have expected to see this tonight – no surprised here. But in case you missed it, I blogged my Lockdown Skincare Routine – The Night Edit. Of course, I’m going through my daily routine here. To be honest, it’s not too dissimilar from my routine before lockdown – and I’ve always been better at sticking to a day routine than night. But I’ve got a couple of additional products to share which I’ve recently come across and love – so keep your eyes peeled for those at the end!

This Clarins Cleanser/Toner Duo will always be my absolute favourite. It goes on my Christmas list each year, although I’d say the bottles last for up to 18 months. I think I opened these ones after Christmas 2018 so by the end of May, maybe June, I’ll be using my newest bottles. I think I’ve been using these products for almost a decade and I just love them. These ones are aimed at combination skin, but you can buy the duos (or individual products) for any skin type. I don’t even know my skin type anymore, it doesn’t just change with the seasons, but depending how I’m feeling, what I’ve been eating and drinking – but I always stand by these ones. I’d say I apply more of the cleanser than toner, but that’s down to how quick both products come out.
I follow up by moisturising and although I forgot to take a picture (and then couldn’t be bothered to re-take my photos), I use the Clarins Multi-Active Day Cream which is an absolute dream – and smells so luxurious. I received a sample of it before with another order and then completely forgot about it and didn’t re-purchase. Of course, it then went on my Christmas list. It’s not too greasy which I find with a lot of other face creams, but it soaks into the skin quickly which is ideal – as I’m usually in a rush.

Then on the days I wear more make-up, I apply La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar Duo as a primer/base. I got this product years ago in a beauty box and never opened it. The last time I went home, I picked it up and have been using it for the last couple of weeks. I can’t say I’ve noticed too much of a difference yet, but it’s said to reduce the appearances of blemishes and marks, which is ideal for me as my skin tone is uneven and I’ve always got dark circles around my eyes!

And when my skin is in need of a little boost, I love to spray The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Mist. As if the gorgeous orange scent wasn’t enough, it’s such a fine mist which instantly refreshes and revitalises the skin. I’ve found, especially recently, that my skin is really dull – this just gives me that little glow and perks me up. I would be inclined to try more products in this range in the future.

Another short and sweet post, but I always find it difficult reviewing products… I love hearing recommendations but always find it better trying the products for myself. I’ve linked these ones in my post, if you did want to try them out.

How has your routine changed since lockdown?

Love, Lucy xx

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