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The Patch MK pumpkins sign

Oh, my gourd – this intro is just as bad as the title… boo! Visiting The Patch at Mount Mill Farm has become another tradition of ours, and for the last two years, we have visited for both sunflowers and pumpkins. It may seem a little late now, but last week got our fill of pumpkins and squash. Don’t worry, there’s no tricks, and things aren’t about to get spooky…

#Instagoals with the photo opps

Much like when we visited The Patch for sunflower season earlier this year, the team have upped their game to offer so many more photo opportunities. I’ll be honest, I first found out about the site on Instagram, after so many local bloggers and influencers posted – and through the powers of social, you can see how popular it is!

Sadly, I was unable to get a photo in the Dracula style chair – I couldn’t even find it while walking around! And I’m sure there were many other things I also missed. However, Alfie loved the pumpkin carriage – although he kept on insisting “I’m a pumpkin”. I even manage to persuade him to see how tall in pumpkins he was… still only two!

Last year, when we visited, the rain was torrential, and we had to make a quick exit – so I had to snap a quick selfie in front of the Pumpkins sign. With much better weather this time, the queue was crazy and the large family (or potentially even two families together) insisted on getting every single photo combination available and Alfie wasn’t feeling patient – so after five minutes we gave up and instead, I managed to get a quick snap of the empty sign. I still love how the MK in PUMPKINS is a different colour to the rest of the lettering.

Oh, and the pumpkin house was back, too! Another great photo opportunity. Can you spot Alfie in the picture below?

The Patch MK pumpkin house

Pumpkins for days

Even though we visited quite late in the month – Thursday 28th October, to be precise – there were still plenty of pumpkins and squash left. All different shapes, sizes and colours. They may have looked pretty sparse when you stood on the viewing platform – if you were expecting an epic backdrop, it wasn't as impressive as the sunflowers earlier in the year – but there were plenty out in the fields, and we all still loved choosing ones to take home.

We chose one each, although Alfie initially wanted two! He also insisted on picking up the biggest pumpkin he could manage – eventually I intervened. It was really sad to see all the bashed and smashed pumpkins, where people (kids, most likely) had thrown or dropped them on the floor. We spent a long time inspecting them before picking, and I also made sure that Alfie wasn’t continuously picking them up.

I think we paid £7 for our trio, which I think is great value and rather than carving them at home for Halloween, I kept them for cooking. I’ve already made some pumpkin soup and plan to bake a pumpkin pie at the weekend. I'll be using the acorn squash to cook some parmesan fries as well as maybe blitz the other half to use in a pasta sauce. Watch this space!

Talking of food, The Patch Pantry was up and running, serving the tastiest sausage rolls, amongst other things. I think Ash chose the pork and sage variety and it was delicious. I wish he had bought two now because we all shared one between us and it simply wasn't enough.

The Patch MK wooden pumpkin carriage

It's kids play…

And as usual, there was plenty to do, for the kids to release some energy. The multi slides with rock climbing wall was out again while the haybale maze was fabulous. The vintage Red Tractor was also very popular – and it was surrounded by pumpkins, too. It's easy to have hours of fun, and when it got too cold, there was a cup of tea or mulled apple ready to warm up in the marquee.

As always, The Patch is now closed until next season. Already I'm looking forward to our 2022 visits – it is a tradition after all.

Love, Lucy xx

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