Summer Adventures at Lillingstone PYO [PR Visit]

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I'd never heard of Lillingstone Pick Your Own before, but when my friend invited me for a day out [PR Visit], I couldn't say no. Lillingstone Pick Your Own is in Buckingham and has seasonal events running throughout the year, including strawberries (June), pumpkins (October) and Christmas trees and the grotto (December). We were there for the sunflowers and wildflowers.

I think everyone knows by now that I love a flower field (note to self: must head to a lavender field next year), so I knew we'd have loads of fun – and obviously get plenty of stunning photos.

As we made our way to the entrance, I couldn’t believe how much there was to do. From photo opportunities galore to Connect 4, and a hay bale mountain. There was also a sit on tractor, duck racing and even a mud kitchen. We walked through the door to the little gift shop and cafe to grab refreshments. While the kids played, I had a lovely decaf coffee and shortbread in the sunshine. There was even a small barn to sit and eat in – if you wanted to shelter from the sun (or the rest of the year, the cold and rain).

a child riding a horse in a field of flowers

Alfie got to have his very first pony ride. It's something he's never been interested in before and always said no to, but the girls at The Little Shetland Company were so friendly and reassuring. There were two gorgeous Shetland ponies: Bonnie and Goldie. Alfie rode Bonnie, after his friend – as we weren’t originally booked on. I’m so grateful they managed to slot us in, as he really enjoyed it, and we got some many lovely photos and videos. Alfie got to choose his helmet, picking out an elephant accessory, which was so cute – the ears and trunk blew in the wind, as he trotted through the fields. The ride was priced at £12 and lasted for about 20 minutes. There were plenty of opportunities to stop for photos with a backdrop of flowers.

a blue and green canopy on a tractor

After the ponies, we had a different kind of ride booked – this time on the tractor. It was great fun and not too bumpy. We went around the sunflower fields and were in prime position for appreciating the swarms of yellow.

a woman holding a bouquet of flowers in a field of sunflowers

There was just enough time to grab some secateurs and create our beautiful bouquets of sunflowers and wildflowers. It was stunning, so peaceful and great to see so many bumblebees. Unintentionally, as you can see, I was wearing my matching trousers. We even saw a fantastic bug hotel and some gorgeous natural musical instruments. The kids loved making lots of noise music. As our flowers were being beautifully tied and gift wrapped, Alfie decided to raid the shop and bought a bag of marbles as well as some slime… and I went back to the cafe to grab a flapjack to take home.

We can't wait to return the spooky season and we'll look forward to whatever is planned for. Christmas too. It’s a really lovely family-run farm with so much to do and I thoroughly recommend booking on the events for the rest of the year. I know the for pumpkins, there’s just a charge of £6 per car for parking, but entry is free – so definitely check it out!

Love, Lucy xx


*PR Visit: as I went with my friend, our car parking, tractor ride and flowers were FOC, but everything else (pony ride, food and drink, gift shop items) were paid for in full by me. Thoughts and images are 100% my own.

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