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Bedtime stories have always been a big part of a day and so important in our house. I honestly couldn’t tell you how old Alfie was when I first started reading to him… he wasn’t very old! I’m so pleased that love of reading has continued, and Alfie thrives at school as a result – reading to us (nearly) every night.

While we have our favourites and have built up quite a collection (his bookshelves are completely full), I’m really trying to encourage chapter books and move away from the more basic picture books we were reading two, three, maybe even four years ago. He’s certainly capable of reading them independently, but I’m more than happy to read a chapter (or two) a night.

@Kindergarteneducation sent us two books for review [ad] – Dream Big and Conquer your Dreams and Stories to be Bold, Brave & Confident – both written by Sophie Potter. The aim of the books is to help inspire confidence, bravery, and motivation amongst other positive traits… all important things we should teach our children.

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Stories to be Bold, Brave & Confident

We read this book first and enjoyed it so much, we read it all over three evenings while on holiday. There are seven stories, each inspired by the main character. Each story also comes with a problem, a solution and a moral – and a brief introduction helps to tee up the story.

The book is aimed at boys, aged 6-10, which is why each character is a boy. This adds an element of realism or relatability. There is always a dilemma, for example, Simon gets lost in the woods, Harry breaks his mum’s vase and Rory is given the chance to cheat on a test.

The book encourages you to know right from wrong, make the right decisions or choices, and learn from your mistakes (‘cos let’s be honest, we all make them). We really enjoyed reading together and learning… and at the end of each story, there’s even a colouring page (which I’ve enjoyed more than Alfie, I’ll be honest).

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Dream Big and Conquer your Dreams

I knew I’d always love this book as I always tell Alfie if you believe in your dreams enough, they will come true. It’s also so important to have dreams and aspirations, no matter how old (or young!) you are. There are eight stories in this book, again with the main character who has to overcome a problem or struggle – the dream element coming from the fantasy and mythical beings, including superheroes, trolls, and dragons, to name a few!

The book is aimed at 5–12-year-olds (boys and girls) and encourages important morals such as family values, confidence, courage, loyalty, honesty, and empathy. As parents, I believe these are things we can (and should) instil in our children, as we are their role models. The stories and so empowering and the motivational messages are great for real-life situations.

You can buy both of the books on Amazon, and there’s also a book for girls – Empowering Stories for Amazing Girls.

Follow @Kindergarteneducation on Instagram and slide into their DMs with the message “Free notebook” to see how you can get a book for free!

Love, Lucy xx

*Thank you to @Kindergarteneducation for sending me the two books for review purposes. Images and opinions are 100% my own.

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