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I seriously can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve, where has the time gone? My shopping was all done last week and the last of the gifts were wrapped over the weekend. I’m working tomorrow, but already looking forward to getting home and spending some time with the family – over a game of Monopoly and glass of disaronno and coke! I saw this tagged post on Vicky’s blog and just had to embrace the Christmas spirit. Make sure you check out Vicky’s answers too!

1. What's your favourite Christmas movie?

I think I’ll have to say Miracle on 34th street – the original, not the remake. I love Christmassy chick flicks like Love Actually and The Holiday as well – how hot is Jude Law? I realise this sounds really bad, but I’ve never actually seen Elf. Am I really missing out?

2. Do you stay in your PJs or get dressed on Christmas Day?

I always get dressed. I don’t dress up as such – I don’t see the point of going all out when you’re just gonna be slobbed out on the sofa nursing the most horrendous food baby. I think this year I’ll wear my leather leggings and Christmas jumper! I always make sure I’m dressed before I go downstairs for breakfast and presents, with hair and make up done, just in case of any potential photo opportunities.

3. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?

I always wait until Christmas Day! We were never allowed to open anything on Christmas Eve. Growing up, my brother and I were always bought ‘Christmas pyjamas’ which we could wear on Christmas Eve and then overnight, we’d get a ‘Christmas outfit’ to wear on Christmas Day. Even now, I still wait until the morning to open my stocking – yep, I still get one and I’m 24 next month!

4. Favourite Christmas smell?

I love the smell of mulled wine, or just Christmas spices in general – cinnamon, nutmeg and the like.

5. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Like Vicky, mine is Fairytale of New York – and I agree with her answer: it's guaranteed to get everyone singing along. I do love a bit of Mariah as well and that video always makes me get in the Christmas spirit.

6. What's your favourite Christmas drink?

It has to be mulled wine, it’s the only time of year we drink it. Baileys is a typically Christmassy drink as well though. Baileys hot chocolate with marshmallows is a winner in my eyes – a proper winter warmer.

7. Favourite Christmas meal?

I actually love all the buffet food, on Boxing Day and the days after that – just snacking throughout the day on nibbles. My nan does the best spread, and not only at Christmas! Otherwise, we always have ham, egg and chips on Christmas Eve – it’s like a tradition. Oddly, over Christmas I’m really into savoury snacks, rather than sweet!

8. Wrapping presents - love or loathe?

Loathe. I am awful at it. I don’t think I have a creative bone in my body and don’t have time (or the patience) to bother with ribbons and bows etc. If the gift I’m giving isn’t a box-shape, I have no hope. And even when it is, it looks like a child has wrapped it. My mum wrapped my work secret santa present because I wanted it to look pretty!

9. What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

FAMILY! It’s really difficult because there aren’t many of us: my mum’s sister is in Madrid and my dad’s sister is in Australia and I only have one nan and granddad left. It’s lovely seeing my grandparents on Boxing Day and we usually skype the family in Aus. Last year my auntie and uncle in Madrid came to England and it was lovely celebrating with them as we usually only see them in the summer.

10. Christmas tree - real or fake?

It has to be real! The choosing of the tree, the dropping of the pines, the beautiful smell – I love it! I find fake trees usually over the top and tacky. My mum always decorates our tree, red and gold to match our living room. We have to re-arrange the living room furniture as well – the lounge door is blocked by one of the armchairs and we have to enter the room via the French doors in the dining room. You know it’s Christmas at that point.

11. Homemade cards or shop bought ones?

I would love to have the time, patience and energy to hand make cards but the shops are often my saviour. Not on the high street is possibly my favourite website – some of the sellers’ designs are gorgeous. I don’t mind spending a bit more, when I know it’s someone’s living and they’ve gone to a lot of trouble.

12. What do you do on Christmas Eve?

Well I am working until 3pm tomorrow, for the first year ever. We normally just have a family afternoon/evening. Mum cooks the ham (with honey glaze and scored with cloves) and we have that for dinner with fried eggs and chips. We often play Monopoly, which lasts hours and ends when the arguments begin. Then I get over-excited and can’t sleep – mum often brings my stocking in my room, although when I was younger, she’d wait for me to fall asleep... She says she can’t be staying up ‘til gone 3am! I’m not one for going out and getting drunk – it’s just a waste of time and money.

13. Favourite Christmas memory?

I don’t think I could pin point one single memory, there have been so many. When I fancy a reminisce, we flick through old photo albums or watch family videos – the memories soon come flooding back. I was very lucky to have such a good childhood!

14. When and how did you learn the truth about Santa?

I don’t know how old I was, but I found out the truth because I was a naughty kid. On Christmas Eve, I’d always do as much as possible to ensure I stayed up to see ‘him’ – playing games, reading books, eating and drinking. My mum would always make sure we were asleep before she brought our stockings in our rooms. I think one year I stayed up til 1am and when my mum finally brought the stocking in, I woke up and saw her. She wasn’t happy and I’m sure I had to keep quiet for my brother’s sake.

15. Snow - love it or hate it?

This is a tough one. I love it when I’m inside and looking out the window. Watching it fall and settle while on the sofa in front of the fire is just beautiful. As soon as I’m out in it, I hate it. I hate the coldness, the wetness and the mayhem it causes. We had a proper snowball fight when I was in halls at Uni and it was horrendous – the boys were chucking snow in our faces and down our jumpers and all sorts; I think I actually cried before giving up and going inside. When it turns to slush, it’s so ugly as well. And don’t get me started on the ice...

Thank you all for reading my posts this year and I hope you all have a really lovely Christmas!


  1. Lovely answers hun, hope you had a good Xmas xx

  2. My Christmas was good thanks hun - always goes too quick though! I hope you had a good one as well! xx


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