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Okay, I’ve said the C word and I’m posting this literally after sharing some summer content, but that’s just how it is at the moment. I keep seeing ‘Boo Boxes’ all over socials and I’m simply not believing that is a thing – just why?

But Christmas Eve boxes are something I can get on board with. We always got a pair of pyjamas or our Christmas Day outfit the night before and I’ve gone with that (plus a little extra) every year for Alfie. It’s quite a nice tradition in that we get the Santa plate out, put the drink and treats on it and then open up a box of little things. I always go with the same items – a book, PJs, some activities, food and drinks bits… so I thought I’d share some ideas for Christmas Eve boxes this year. And yes, this is some of the things I’m including in ours!

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Image credit: Little Hands Learning

You can get little craft and activity kits everywhere these days and they can be found so cheap. If you’re looking for something that’ll keep them occupied for five minutes while you’re prepping food or doing some last-minute wrapping, they do the job. But we absolutely adore our Little Hands Learning boxes. And if you want something that’ll last longer, can be reused and is environmentally friendly, these are perfect! Designed by teachers (and parents!), each box contains a book and several activities which have been well thought out and put together. They make great gifts (to friends or your own child/ren) and you can even get the boxes gift wrapped. This year there are so many Christmas boxes. I've ordered the Santarella box as a one-off, but also aimed at children aged 3-6, there are the Winter Treasures (2022) and Reindeer Express (2021) boxes – where you can see my review. Alfie is now on the Investigators Box (aged 6+) and will receive the When the Stars Come Out box as part of his subscription.

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While there’s a book included in the Little Hands Learning box, I always include a Christmassy book in his Christmas Eve box. In the past, Alfie has had Kipper, Paw Patrol and several others. This year it’s going to be a Wonderbly book [AD]. We love being a Wonderbly Brandbassador and were kindly sent our choice of Christmas book. I chose Our 12 Days of Christmas based on the classic Christmas song. I got to base it on our family with two adults and one child (but different options available), and then personalised it using the preset options to make the characters look as much like us as I could… Sadly, there was no girl with ombré hair. Aimed at 0–8-year-olds, this was the best fit for Alfie's age and we'll have so much fun reading – or singing – this together. We absolutely love all of our Wonderbly books, they are so personal and you can even write your own dedication at the front of the book /(this one is rather special and I can't wait to share it with Alfie).

You can get a 15% discount on any Wonderbly book/s with my code B63BXXW. But hurry – as it expires on November 10th.

two glasses with a bag of marshmallows

There's nothing like a mug of cocoa with marshmallows in the colder months, and I absolutely love these personalised hot chocolate glasses. I ordered these from OnPointbyKelly at Etsy. Kelly is actually my sister-in-law, but I love supporting small businesses so have ordered a few things from her in the past, including keyrings and Christmas cards... I’m eyeing up the baubles too. I ordered Alfie’s hot chocolate glass with a cone, while I ordered mine without (as we have so many different hot chocolates at home). I cannot wait to start using these! Everything is handmade with love and is such high-quality. She also sells vinyl stickers and as soon as I get around to sorting the kitchen cupboards, I’ll be marking up all my storage!

Pyjamas are always a must. Last year, Alfie chose his own ones for his box – not festive themed, but some gorgeous velour PJs from Marks & Spencer with a dinosaur design. It’s been a few years that we've been matchy-matchy and the absolute queen that is Melissa Suffield inspired me on Instagram. She shared some family pyjamas from Peacocks and then revealed there was a 20% discount available (applied already to the prices online), so I quickly snapped it up and brought us all the Red Santa Christmas pyjamas. Three pairs of pyjamas for less than £40 – I couldn't believe it, as you’re usually looking at least £70 for a family of three. These are super cute and so festive – there was also a charity pair available online. I was hoping to find a small business to support but I only found people that had kids’ pyjamas. I usually include a pair of slippers or sometimes a dressing gown, but this year he's asked for a Snuggie.

Of course, I’ll always include things like reindeer food and there may be a sweet treat to go with the hot chocolate (but most of the sweets and chocolate go in the stocking). If you've got any recommendations or other things to include, especially if they're from small, independent businesses, please let me know.

Love, Lucy xx


[AD] Wonderbly sent me a free copy of Our 12 Days of Christmas for review purposes (via the Brandbassador app). But thoughts and images are 100% my own. The hot chocolate mugs from On Point with Kelly are not an ad and were paid for in full with my own money.

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