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Boy reading a book titled I'm an Alfie-o-Saurus

I was really fortunate to work with Wonderbly before – two years ago, I was kindly gifted two books for review. Since then, we have been hooked to the beautifully special, personalised books and our collection nearly stands at 10 books! Alfie has birthday books, Christmas books and even his very own version of Jack & the Beanstalk – Alfie & the Beanstalk, obv.

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I’m really excited to share this post tonight, as I’ve since become a Wonderbly Brand Ambassador and not only was I kindly gifted the “I’m a Name-O-Saurus” book for review, but I’ve also got a personal discount code, so you too can enjoy 15% off this book – or any others in the Wonderbly range. Simply enter code WPKKNP7 at check-out.

Why we love Wonderbly

Ever since getting our first couple of books, we soon added to our collection. There’s something so special about having a personalised book. Not only do you add the child’s (or children’s for sibling books) name, but also select the character that best resembles them. They are then fully immersed into the story as the main character, with the name used throughout – sometimes as simply as the name displayed in illustrations, and other times, cleverly incorporated into the story through alliteration or in the form of an acrostic.

book dedication from parents to their son

Being able to write a dedication at the front of the book is so special – and makes the books even more personal. You can either write one yourself, or use the pre-written version, even including who the book is from. I love to write my own in Alfie’s books, making it unique to us as I’d like to think the books will be kept forever.

The illustrations are always stunning – bold, bright and vivid, helping to spark imagination and creativity. And the stories are memorable too – through the use of rhyme and bold text, as well as powerful messages. Our latest title, “I’m a Name-O-Saurus” is no different!

I’m an Alfie-O-Saurus

Perfect for any Dino-fans – boys or girls – your child will become the main character and meet not one, not two but six dinosaurs. The character in question – in our case, Alfie – wants to be a dinosaur and through the magic of dreams, your little one will be transported to Dino Land, with each page depicting a different dinosaur: pterodactyl, velociraptor, triceratops, diplodocus, tyrannosaurus rex and Alfie-O-Saurus.

Each time a different dinosaur is mentioned, the question posed is “what are you?” with your chosen name then taking on the name of each dinosaur – for example, Alfie-O-Dactyl or Tri-Alfie-Atops. But Alfie soon realises he doesn’t quite have all the qualities that good dinosaurs have – he can crash but not smash, flap but not fly, dart but not zoom and stomp but not squish. However, the dinosaurs give him the name Alfie-O-Saurus because of the qualities he does possess – and he even uses one of those at the end of the story to teach the dinosaurs a thing or two! See – anything is possible in your dreams.

double page spread of a book, depicting dinosaurs
Alfie loved spotting his name, as well as doing all of the dinosaur actions, while recognising the dinosaur names too.

We also recently got the “It’s Super-You” book, which follows a similar format – using superhero powers incorporated with the name, to create superhero names. I now have my eye on the “Where Are You?” search-and-find book series – a bit like Where’s Wally but personalised for your child. And then I think we might need a couple more shelves as our Wonderbly books are in Alfie’s book corner. We try and read a different one every night.

Visit the Wonderbly website to find your new favourite bedtime story, or with Christmas coming, give the gift of a personalised book. Don’t forget to receive your discount, enter code WPKKNP7 at check-out – and you can also preview the books before you purchase them!

Love, Lucy xx


*Thank you to Brandbassador and the team at Wonderbly for sending me “I’m a Name-O-Saurus” for review purposes. Images and opinions are 100% my own.

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