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Inside of an electric pancake maker, with a bear's face on it

I’ve done all of my Christmas shopping now and it’s wrapped (except for the bits that Royal Mail have still failed to deliver), but when have you someone that’s difficult to buy for, or already has everything, isn’t it a massive struggle! Luckily, when that is the case, Sugoi Mart have your back.

The Japanese online store ship all over the world and offer absolutely everything – from snack and drinks to homeware, and from toys and games to collectibles, and everything else in between. Funnily enough, their motto is “You want it? We got it!” – and if they don’t, drop them a message and they’ll do their best to get it!

I was a sent a really lovely kitchen/lifestyle bundle for review, so let’s take a look at what I received.

Before and after of a colour changing glass, filled with squash

Gifts for foodies

The Sakura Bento Box is perfect for someone like me, that likes to meal prep, or even save leftover dinners for lunch the next day. The box has two layers, or compartments, and if you remove the lid, the box can be microwaved. I’ve already used it for some chicken and rice, with a side of edamame beans, but you could use it for sushi, or even vegetable (and pitta) sticks with hummus. I loved the pink, floral design – but if it’s not to your taste, there are plenty of other designs on the website.

Looking for your next Instagrammable breakfast or brunch? If you want perfectly cute pancakes, you’ll love the Rilakkuma Pancake Maker – based on the Japanese cartoon character. Your pancake stack will be adorned with the teddy bear’s face, so you really could be BFFs. The pancake maker was easy to use and wash, but with the two-prong plug, I needed to use an adapter. The machine is compact too, so can be easily stored. I’d previously considered a pancake or waffle machine and was tempted to get Alfie a Minions one, but he loves this one too! After all, who can resist Saturday brunch?

Okay, so this one may not be for foodies as such, but we’re sticking with the kitchen theme. It may be a novelty, but the Fuji Autumn Leaves Colour Changing Glass was also really pretty – and it’s the perfect size for wine! When warm, the blossom on the glass remains white, but as soon as cold liquid is added, the colour turns to a pale pink. It was interested to see where warm fingertips held the glass, as of course, the colour then changed to white again. I have to say, the novelty of it never wears off!

Stacked sushi-designed Jenga blocks with chopsticks and green forfeit cards

Gifts for kids

Alfie is currently obsessed with Super Mario, so he was well pleased with the SuperMario Air Hockey Set, which came with two paddles and a puck – which looks like Koopa’s shell. It operates using batteries and then glides across the floor – similar to a game of air hockey. The game has to be played on a flat surface, so we play it in the lounge (it doesn’t work on the kitchen tiles, unfortunately), and provides minutes of fun! It’s so easy to play and perfect for kids (and those kids at heart, too). You may have seen Alfie and I playing it on my Instagram story.

The other game we received was Sushi Jenga Lite – a smaller, portable, and travel-friendly version of the classic game. The blocks have been replaced with plastic tiles, while have been made to look like sushi nigiri pieces – with different colours representing the toppings. There are also three different version of the game you can play, with the chopsticks making it harder to remove and restack the pieces. There are also 10 dares or forfeits shaped like blobs of wasabi, which can be added to the tiles (they have lids) if you lose – adding another dimension to the game. I have to say, we’ve just kept it simple so far!

Sugoi Mart also have a sister company – Japan Crate – who offer monthly subscription boxes, filled with snacks, confectionery, and drinks.

What do you think of my bundle?

Love, Lucy xx


*Thank you to Anna and the team at Sugoi Mart for sending me a kitchen/lifestyle bundle for review purposes. Images and opinions are 100% my own.

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